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What is Transliteration

Handbook of Research on Discourse Behavior and Digital Communication: Language Structures and Social Interaction
the representation of written text (e.g. word or letter) from one writing system into a different writing system
Published in Chapter:
Online Orthographies
Christiana Themistocleous (University of Manchester, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-773-2.ch020
The representation in online environments of non-Roman-based script languages has proved problematic. During the initial years of Computer-mediated Communication, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange character set only supported Roman-alphabetic languages. The solution for speakers of languages written in non-Roman scripts was to employ unconventional writing systems, in an effort to represent their native language in online discourse. The first aim of this chapter is to present the different ways that internet users choose to transliterate or even transcribe their native languages online, using Roman characters. With technological development, and consequently the availability of various writing scripts online, internet users now have the option to either use Roman characters or their native script. If the latter is chosen, internet users still seem to deviate from conventional ways of writing, in this case, however, with regards to spelling. The second aim, therefore, is to bring into light recent developments, by looking at the ways that internet users manipulate orthography, to achieve their communicative purposes.
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Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Documents: Main Challenges and Recent Advances
Is the process of moving a text from script to another in the goal to allow foreign readers of a language to read texts in this language. Word pronunciation is not considered here.
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