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What is Uber

The Strategies of Informing Technology in the 21st Century
An American technology company that specializes in ride-hailing.
Published in Chapter:
Development Trends in Automation
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 8
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8036-3.ch009
This chapter analyzes current development trends in automation. The chapter begins by discussing the history of automation in the 21st century, beginning with Honda's creation of ASIMO. Next, the chapter analyzes how automation gave rise to the relocating of many Western manufacturing centers to Asia, particularly those in the United States. The chapter then analyzes trends in the development of autonomous vehicles. This section includes a detailed projection of likely developments over the next several decades, such as the impact of autonomous vehicles on private vehicle ownership. The chapter concludes with a brief summary of these trends.
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Uberization (or Uberification) of the Economy
The name of a technology company who has launched a smartphone-based app allowing car-sharing service (connecting ride-seekers and UberX drivers). Uber’s development has inspired the term ‘uberization’.
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Uber's Strategy as a Competitive Business Model of Sharing Economy
It is an acronym to mean ultimate, best for above in German. It also has the basic meaning of over, beyond, extremely good. As the trade mark and global brand of a private transportation incorporated company, Uber has been changing inner-city transport structure.
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Strategic Analysis of the Rise and Fall of UBER in the Private Urban Transport Business: Evidence From the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara
Uber is the name of an international company dedicated to the transport of passengers connecting customers and drivers thanks to a free application.
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