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What is Wrapper

Handbook of Research on Innovations in Database Technologies and Applications: Current and Future Trends
An interface to a data source that translates data into a common data model used by the mediator. The user accesses the data sources through one or several mediator systems that present high-level abstractions (views) of combinations of source data. The user does not know where the data come from but is able to retrieve the data by using a common mediator query language.
Published in Chapter:
Data Integration: Introducing Semantics
Ismael Navas-Delgado (University of Málaga, Spain) and Jose F. Aldana-Montes (University of Málaga, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-242-8.ch050
The growth of the Internet has simplified data access, which has involved an increment in the creation of new data sources. Despite this increment, in most cases, these large data repositories are accessed manually. This problem is aggravated by the heterogeneous nature and extreme volatility of the information on the Web. This heterogeneity includes three types: intentional (differences in the contents), semantic (differences in the interpretation), and schematic (data types, labeling, structures, etc.). Thus, the increase of the available information and the complexity of dealing with this amount of information have involved a considerable amount of research into the subject of heterogeneous data integration. The database community, one of the most important groups dealing with data heterogeneity and dispersion, has provided a wide range of solutions to this problem. However, this issue has also been addressed and solutions have been offered by the information retrieval and knowledge representation communities, making this area a connection point between the three communities.
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A Web-Geographical Information System to Support Territorial Data Integration
A software tool to extract content from data sources and perform data format translation.
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Spatial Data Integration Over the Web
A package that changes the interface to an existing package without substantially increasing its functionality.
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Web Mining: A Conceptual Overview on Intelligent Information Retrieval Systems
Based on highly standardized, regular, validated, and tag-consistent source pages, wrappers can map content provided in the pages’ source code to certain content attributes, and therefore extract items from structured HTML or XML content.
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