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International Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa (IJICTRDA)

International Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa (IJICTRDA)

Editors-in-Chief: Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA) and Ewa Lechman (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)
Indexed In: INSPEC and 9 more indices
Published: Semi-Annually |Established: 2010
ISSN: 1947-3419|EISSN: 1947-3427|DOI: 10.4018/IJICTRDA
Out of print.
Description & Scope

The International Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa (IJICTRDA) publishes original, cutting-edge research articles on the use of information communication technologies in agriculture and rural development. Emphasizing new innovations and best practices in the use of ICT... Show More

Mission & Scope:
The mission of the International Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa (IJICTRDA) is to provide cutting-edge research, advanced analytical methods and techniques, leading e-innovations, and development policies in information and communication technology adoption and diffusion in Africa and around the globe. Targeting scholars, academics, researchers, and senior government... Show More
  • ICT and agricultural e-risk management policy
  • ICT and emerging market policy
  • ICT and farmer e-health policy
  • ICT and food security policy
  • ICT and poverty alleviation policy
  • ICT and rural financial remittances policy
  • ICT and social capital development in agriculture
  • ICT and sustainable rural development policy
  • ICT application in rural mobile banking services
  • ICT application to rural environmental management
  • ICT applications in agricultural e-content and e-service development
  • ICT applications in agricultural information management and diffusion
  • ICT applications in agro-based small and medium scale enterprises
  • ICT applications in development issues for rural women
  • ICT applications in e-value additions and e-customer relationship management
  • ICT applications in farmer health service delivery
  • ICT applications in food and agricultural marketing and market development
  • ICT applications in food and agriculture supply chain governance
  • ICT applications in food and agriculture supply chain management and coordination
  • ICT applications in horizontal and vertical integration in food and agricultural markets
  • ICT applications in improving farm productivity
  • ICT applications in integration of agricultural value chain
  • ICT applications in research and development
  • ICT applications in rural financial remittances
  • ICT applications in rural financial service delivery
  • ICT applications in the agribusiness input supply and e-procurement strategies
  • ICT applications to farm business management
  • ICT applications to improving market access, coordination and linkages
  • ICT for agricultural development case studies
  • ICT in agricultural research and development policy
  • ICT in agritourism and regional economic integration
  • ICT infrastructural development and rural digital divide
  • ICT innovations and best practices in food and agriculture
  • ICT literacy and e-content development policy
  • ICT rural economic development policy
  • ICT socio-economic development policy issues
  • ICT theoretical and empirical frameworks in agriculture development
  • ICT use in the development of agro-portals and rural e-kiosks
  • ICT uses in agriculture and rural development
Editorial Board

Editorial Board

International Advisory Board
Ahmed Karmaoui, Bioactives (Health and Environmental Lab, UMI) & SCCS, Morocco, Morocco ORCID
Daniel Alemneh, University of North Texas (UNT), United States ORCID
Gilbert Ahamer, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
Managing Editor
Melih Çokaygil, Habitat Academy, Turkey
Associate Editors
Alice Etim, Winston Salem State University, United States
Andrea Woolverton, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, United States
Edward Mabaya, Cornell University, United States
Julius Okello, University of Nairobi, Kenya
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Editorial Review Board
Ajit Maru, Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy
Amin Mugera, The University of Western Australia, Australia
Barnabas Kiiza, Makerere University, Uganda
Ben Ogwo, State University of New York at Oswego, United States
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