De-Coupling Groups in Space and Time: Evaluating New Forms of Social Dialogue for Learning

Kevin Burden (The University of Hull, UK) and Simon Atkinson (Massey University, New Zealand)
Copyright: © 2010 |Pages: 158
EISBN13: 9781609603359|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-863-0.ch007
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Prior to the Web, we had hundreds of years of experience with broadcast media, from printing presses to radio and TV. Prior to email, we had hundreds of years experience with personal media – the telegraph, the telephone. But outside the Internet, we had almost nothing that supported conversation among many people at once. The radical change was de-coupling groups in space and time. To get a conversation going around a conference table or campfire, you need to gather everyone in the same place at the same moment. By undoing those restrictions, the Internet has ushered in a host of new social patterns, from the mailing list to the chat room to the weblog. (Shirky, 2003)
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