Computational Thinking for Problem Solving and Managerial Mindset Training
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Computational Thinking for Problem Solving and Managerial Mindset Training

Luisa Dall'Acqua (University of Bologna, Italy & LS TCO, Italy)
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 9781799871262|ISBN10: 1799871266|EISBN13: 9781799871286|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7126-2


Computational thinking (CT) involves a set of transversal skills related to the foundations of computer science as a scientific discipline. In an increasingly digital society, where software technological tools permeate daily life and, consequently, change the management of reality, mastery of transversal skills is crucial for success. Computational thinking is the process of approaching a problem in a systematic manner and creating and expressing a solution. The goal of specific training is not to acquire specific technical skills, but, on the contrary, to acquire interpretative perspectives of reality, which allow you to read the digital experience competently and responsibly.

This book pursues the following objectives: stimulate creativity and the ability to develop computational artifacts using an interactive approach to design and implement innovative solutions; train managerial mindsets; be a valid guideline to train soft skills; use computer science to explore questions and problems in domains of interest; develop effective communication skills and collaboration. The book is intended for computer scientists and engineers, academicians, managers, professionals, researchers, and students.

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