Improving Marketing Strategies for Private Labels of Malvazija Istarska Wines

Improving Marketing Strategies for Private Labels of Malvazija Istarska Wines

Anita Silvana Ilak Peršurić
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0257-0.ch002
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The chapter represents the challenges of creating a new wine brand in Croatia based upon an autochthonous wine grape variety Malvazija Istarska. As a product, the wine has a long tradition of winegrowing and strong historical background. With novel technologies which create high quality wines with numerous positive attributes and current presence on national and international markets, there is strong evidence that branding could be the next step. The demand for Malvazija Istarska exists and consumers are aware of the attributes and quality. From the producer's point of view Malvazija Istarska should maintain its quality and positive image and geographic origin which warranties uniqueness. The brand should be distinctive from other similar products with distinctive and protected package and bottle design and size.
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Main Focus Of The Chapter

The focus of the chapters is wine, wine attributes and how consumers respond to them.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Extrinsic Attributes of Wine: Origin, grape variety, packaging, price of a wine.

Socializing Effects of Wine: Effects of social interactions at the wine fairs and wine cellars, such as, enhancing the atmosphere, entertainment, having a relaxing day out, socializing with partners, friends and family members, meeting the wine maker, learning about wine, tasting and buying wine, touring the vineries, visiting attractions in the surroundings, and overall entertainment.

Functional Values: Possession, psychical attributers, reliability, ownership of a product.

Epistemic Values of Products: Arousing curiosity, providing novelty, satisfying desire for knowledge, changing products for boredom, experiencing new things.

Intrinsic Attributes of Wine: Value for reputation, expert opinions, tasting ratings, appellation, and sensory values of a wine.

Emotional Values of Products: Arousing feelings, feelings associated with other options, comfort, childhood emotions.

Social Values of Products: Perceived utility, choices of highly visible products, assurance of class differentiation, social status symbol.

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