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What is Bonding

Health and Well-Being Considerations in the Design of Indoor Environments
Is the arrangement of bricks in a structure.
Published in Chapter:
Permeability in Bioclimatic Modular Facades: Spanish Sheds
Tamar Awad (ICAI Comillas University, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7279-5.ch001
This study is based on the analysis of the facades of tobacco drying sheds located in the regions of Cáceres and Toledo in Spain as an example of bioclimatic production architecture. Using modular and permeable façade designs, it is possible to generate an interior space with specific hygrothermal conditions. The drying sheds are the places where the tobacco plant is cured with the air penetrating through the holes on their facades, and the tobacco dries under certain conditions of humidity and temperature. The design of these patterns based on a module, such as the brick, not only affects the composition but also determines the permeability characteristics, conditioning the interior space hygrothermally. Analysing the conceptual relationship, textures, patterns, and construction methods of the dryers with contemporary architecture, numerous examples can be found in other buildings in which modular patterns are used in the composition of the facades similar to those used in the dryers.
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Teaching Collaboration Skills to Foster Social-Emotional Learning
The formation of a close relationship through frequent and shared positive interactions.
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The Impact of Mobile Phones on Teenagers' Socialization and Emancipation
The development of close ties and relations between an individual and his/her family members and/or friends.
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Building Trust in Globally Distributed Teams
Associated with a strong personal relationship (friendship) and based on shared concepts, values and moral obligations and liking each other (Child, 2001).
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