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What is City

Handbook of Research on Inclusive and Innovative Architecture and the Built Environment
A city is a multi-populated settlement center with a population of over 10,000 with clear boundaries prepared according to a certain plan, where most of the working population is in the trade, industry and service sector.
Published in Chapter:
Investigation of the Effect of Kastamonu Historical Bazaar Area on Urban Morphology
Filiz Karakuş (Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8253-7.ch023
The most important step in the tendency of human beings to change their natural environment is urbanization. Cities are in constant change with re-adaptation of different parts, which developed spontaneously or consciously planned under different socio-economic, natural, religious, and political conditions. Anatolian cities are the simplest and most modest reflections of traditional Turkish-Islamic life. Kastamonu, one of these cities, blends its structure built on this Turkish-Islamic life system with the topography of the region, climatic data, cultural layers, lifestyle, and architectural features of the local people and becomes original with its own internal dynamics. In this study, urbanization, and settlement features of Kastamonu city in the historical process are discussed. Kastamonu historical city center and historical bazaar area were examined by discussing how the main axes shaped in line with unchangeable natural data became subjectivized by human hands and the components of the traditional urban texture in the context of the border, and the morphological inputs of these components were mentioned.
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Strategic Directions in European Sustainable City Management
A permanently inhabited area where a significant number of people living in it do not produce food. As a human settlement, the city consists out of complex systems that are driving forces for urban growth.
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What Constitutes a Smart City?
An urban environment with a large population and possibly a high population density.
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From the Smart City to the People-Friendly City: Usability of Tools and Data in Urban Planning
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