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What is Civics Education

Handbook of Research on Promoting Social Justice for Immigrants and Refugees Through Active Citizenship and Intercultural Education
It is the type of education that intends to provide students with the skills to be responsible and active citizens who care for social justice.
Published in Chapter:
Refugee Voices on Active Citizenship and Social Justice: Life Stories From the Field
María Elena Mora Mora (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7283-2.ch019
The purpose of this chapter is to explore whether the opportunities and challenges that refugees face in education prepare them or hinder them when exercising active citizenship. The author will analyse the challenges and opportunities that two refugees, Amal and Amani, faced in their education journeys and which enabled them to become active citizens by bringing positive change to their communities. Using a narrative approach, the author will attempt to gain an empathetic insight into several aspects of social justice and active citizenship in education for refugees. Such exploration of knowledge will be carried out through the analysis of the perceptions and experiences of the refugees, subjects of study, as well as the personal involvement of the author. This chapter intends to spark reflection in the audience through the exploration of refugee voices.
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Pro-Active Digital Citizenship: Strategies for Educators
A political process of meaning-making, moral regulation, and culture production that focuses on it means to be a member of a national state.
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Not a Subject but an End-Goal: Education for Citizenship in New Zealand
Allied to citizenship education but focuses more on knowledge of government, the law, and the obligations of being a citizen.
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