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What is Dietary Plan

Handbook of Research on Ergonomics and Product Design
A set of scheduled meals in order to achieve different metabolic and health goals, such as weight loss, sugar control, muscle gain.
Published in Chapter:
The Comprehension of Figurative Images of Food Items: The Effect of Ergonomic Guidelines in Graphic Design
Lilia Roselia Prado-León (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico), Carlos Díaz de León Zuloaga (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico), and Adrian Antonio Cisneros Hernández (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5234-5.ch016
Graphic design is a discipline responsible for creating clear and concise visual messages that can enhance the understanding of information, easing the comprehension of the message when using different kind of images. In ergonomics, there have been studies about image comprehension, helping to set up and prove guidelines that enhance the efficacy and efficiency of symbols, icons, and pictograms. The goal of this research was to assess, within four stages, the comprehension of the figurative food illustrations and the effectiveness of ergonomic guidelines when used in the design process of these illustrations. The results showed that the familiarity and comprehension of some foods are limited due to the nutritional or cultural habits of the users. When comparing the graphic styles that use or lack of ergonomic guidelines, it is clear that the use of these guidelines helps the user to comprehend and identify better the graphical information presented.
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