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What is Direct Manipulation

Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing: Evolving Technologies and Ubiquitous Impacts
In user interfaces, it defines the situation when input devices trigger directly the update of system’s objects. For instance, dragging a file icon into a folder icon in graphical user interfaces would move the corresponding file from one directory to another.
Published in Chapter:
Unobtrusive Interaction with Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Systems through Kinetic User Interfaces
Vincenzo Pallotta (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-042-6.ch043
Unobtrusiveness is a key factor in usability of mobile and ubiquitous computing systems. These systems are made of several ambient and mobile devices whose goal is supporting everyday life users’ activities, hopefully without interfering with them. We intend to address the topic of obtrusiveness by assessing its impact in the design of interfaces for mobile and ubiquitous computing systems. We will make the case of how unobtrusive interfaces can be designed by means of Kinetic User Interfaces: an emerging interaction paradigm where input to system is provided through coordinated motion of objects and people in the physical space.
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Applications of Visual Algorithm Simulation
is a human-computer interaction style, which involves continuous representation of objects of interest, and rapid, reversible, incremental actions and feedback (Wikipedia).
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