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What is E-Readiness

Handbook of Research on Strategies for Local E-Government Adoption and Implementation: Comparative Studies
The maturity of citizens, businesses, NGOs and governments for participating in the electronic world (e-commerce, e-government etc.).
Published in Chapter:
E-Government in Slovene Municipalities: Analysing Supply, Demand and its Effects
Tina Jukic (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Mateja Kunstelj (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Mitja Decman (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), and Mirko Vintar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-282-4.ch009
In this chapter, 3 main aspects of municipal e-government in Slovenia are investigated thoroughly: supply, demand, and the view of municipal officials. After the review of studies in the field, the results of 3 empirical studies are presented. While the supply-side aspect of municipal e-government has been investigated within several studies, the view of external (citizens) and internal (municipal officials) users of municipal e-government have been rather neglected in the past, and the same is true for effects measured in this field. This chapter fills these gaps. The results revealed that municipal Web supply is poor, which is reflected in citizens’ satisfaction as well. Surprisingly, municipal officials are not well aware of possibilities e-government offers to them and to their customers. In addition, they believe that positive effects brought about the introduction of e-government are not significant, while among negative effects larger range of tasks, heavier workload, and increased complexity of tasks are stressed. At the end of the chapter key findings are summarized.
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E-Government in a Federal State: The Case of the Introduction of E-Government in Germany in the Early 2000s
The readiness of a country, region or entity (e.g. corporation) to utilize information and communication technologies for sustaining welfare and growth. Among the important rankings of e-readiness are those of the Economist Intelligence Unit and Bertelsmann foundation.
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A Review of e-Government Initiatives in Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities
Is the ability to use ICTs to develop one’s economy, to foster one’s welfare, and better participate in the global socio-economic value chains..
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Listening to the Ground: Key Indicators of e-Participation in Government for Africa
Network readiness index estimating the level of progress of a given entity (country) in developing significantly the quality and the extent of it ICT infrastructure, e-skills and relevant regulations.
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E-Government Implementation in Transition Countries
Degree of preparedness of a country for implementing e-governance.
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E-Government and Digital Divide in Developing Countries
Defined in terms of availability of ICT infrastructure, the accessibility of ICT to the general citizen and business organization population, and the effect of the legal and regulatory framework on ICT use in, for example, an e-government strategy.
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E-Government: A Case Study of East African Community Initiative
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Students' Perceptions About E-Learning Within the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study in Brazil and Portugal
The degree to which a community may be eager and prepared to accept and take advantage of using Information and Communication Technologies.
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