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What is Engaged Scholarship

Scholarly Publishing and Research Methods Across Disciplines
Work that involves the application of a faculty member’s expertise, applied to a real-world context to solve a practical problem. Engaged scholarship is conducted in reciprocal partnership with community stakeholders.
Published in Chapter:
Community-Engaged Research: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Necessity of Institutional Support
Aaron Samuel Zimmerman (Texas Tech University, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7730-0.ch010
Community-engaged research describes an approach towards research and a stance towards scholarship that arose in response to the criticism that institutions of higher education functioned only as ivory towers, disconnected from real-world problems. This chapter is intended to serve as an introduction to the concept of community-engaged research. Topics covered will include the definition of community-engaged research, the criteria for the evaluation of community-engaged research, inherent challenges associated with community-engaged research, and strategies that institutions of higher education can employ as a means of cultivating and sustaining community-engaged research among faculty.
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Building Media Literacy in Higher Education: Department Approaches, Undergraduate Certificate, and Engaged Scholarship
Includes critical pedagogy, collaborative learning, and applied research; faculty and students collaborate with each other and with community partners to address practical problems.
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Perspectives on Cultivating a Qualitative Researcher's Identity
A way to conceptualize the connecting of the university’s mission of rich research with the pragmatic concerns of classroom application through partnerships between institutes of higher education and other areas of society where the perspective is problem focused.
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Three Challenges of Early-Career Faculty and the Importance of Self-Care
A branch of scholarship in higher education focused on serving the public good by partnering with local stakeholders and addressing problems of real concerns with local communities.
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Teaching as We Learn: Mentoring Graduate Students in Engaged Scholarship
The combining of university and community expertise to design research and co-construct new knowledge that informs both academia and community settings to bring about social change.
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University Rankings and Performance Assessment Systems Driving Research Impact in the Global South
A form of social responsiveness, refers to the utilisation of an academic’s scholarly and/or professional expertise, with an intentional public purpose or benefit demonstrates engagement with external (non-academic) constituencies.
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Knowledge Co-Production and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development: An Engaged Scholarly Approach
This is a research approach that involves researchers, practitioners and key stakeholders and leverages their varying knowledge perspectives to study and solve a given problem. It is viewed as a form of inquiry between academics and practitioners that enhances generation of useful knowledge.
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