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What is Fact

Applications and Approaches to Object-Oriented Software Design: Emerging Research and Opportunities
What occurred or occurs in reality, in SBVR notation an element combining notions in one context.
Published in Chapter:
Synthesis of MOF, MDA, PIM, MVC, and BCE Notations and Patterns
Jaroslaw Zelinski (Independent Researcher, Poland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2142-7.ch003
Publications, including academic handbooks, contain numerous inconsistencies in the descriptions of applications of architectural methods and patterns hidden under the abbreviations such as MOF, MDA, PIM, MVC, BCE. An efficient analysis and the following software design, particularly when we are speaking of projects realized in large teams, requires standardization of the production process and the applied patterns and frameworks. This study attempted to sort out the system of notations describing this process and used to describe architectural patterns. Analysis of key notations—MOF and MDA, patterns MVC and BCE—was carried out, and a consistent system combining them into a whole was created.
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Distributed Business Rules within Service-Centric Systems
A fact asserts an association between two or more terms by expressing it as a relationship between them. A term is a word or phrase that has a specific meaning for a given business domain.
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Fuzzy Expert System in Agriculture Domain
Fact is a statement has the property of being either true or false.
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