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What is Client-Support

Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy
Client-Support is a term used to describe the various efforts to ensure the success of an environment. These efforts would include education, training, communities of practice, online documentation and automated business processes for procurement.
Published in Chapter:
Integrating Web 2.0 Technologies within the Enterprise
R. Todd Stephens (AT&T Corporation Collaboration & Online Services, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-106-3.ch037
This chapter examines the elements of the new Web 2.0 technology base and reviews the lessons learned when implementing these technologies. Collaborative applications have made enormous inroads into the enterprise and bring unprecedented speed and transparency to communications. Researchers and practitioners alike are focusing on how collaborative applications can replace the one-way communications inherent to Intranet sites. This chapter is intended for individuals who are looking toward the possibility of integrating these new technologies into the core communication medium. Unfortunately, there are still large barriers such as politics, turf battles, integration, and poor usability with the current product set. A company’s ability to manage information effectively over its life cycle, including sensing, collecting, organizing, processing, and maintaining information, is crucial to the long term success in a global economy. The success or failure of this integration may very well create or lose a competitive advantage for the enterprise. What is missing is a framework or roadmap in which organizations can plan out their execution of We 2.0 deployment.
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Implementing Client-Support for Collaborative Spaces
Client support reflects the efforts of an organization that provides “customer” oriented services, such as, training, best practices, documentation, and user guides.
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