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What is Educational Models

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition
Abstract from real human behavior in teaching and training. They are related to pedagogical or educational research, and can represent theories of learning, pedagogic, and didactic. They are used for communication and system design at the educational level.
Published in Chapter:
Models in E-Learning Systems
Alke Martens (University of Rostock, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-026-4.ch426
Models are everywhere. Terms like “modeling” and “model” are part of everyday language. Even in research, no overall valid definition of what a model is exists. Different scientific fields work with different models. Usually, the term “model” is used intuitively to describe something which is sort of “abstract”. This is a rather vague concept, but all models have in common that they are abstractions in a broad sense and that they are developed for a certain purpose, for example, for testing and investigating parts of reality, theories or hypotheses, for communication, or for reuse. In e-learning the notion of models is frequently used in a rather naive and uncritical way. The main purpose of developing models seems to be lost in the overwhelming amount of available models. A situation has emerged where the development of a new special purpose model often seems to be much easier than the reuse, validation, or revision of existing ones. In the following section approaches to define the term “model” will be sketched to provide a (historical) background in relation with computer science. Afterwards, an overview over existing models and different approaches to categorize e-learning models will be given. A future trend suggests a new categorization of e-learning models. The chapter closes with a conclusion.
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The Future of Distance Education: An International Comparative Study
Frameworks or structures that guide the design and delivery of educational programs, including methods, approaches, and strategies employed in teaching and learning.
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