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What is Sustainable Assessment

Advanced Concepts, Methods, and Applications in Semantic Computing
Assessment ‘that meets the needs of the present and [also] prepares students to meet their own future learning needs’ (Boud 2000, p. 151). It is a way of rethinking outcomes, curriculum, and pedagogy away from a focus on disciplinary knowledge to what students can do in the world.
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NreASAM: Towards an Ontology-Based Model for Authentication and Auto-Grading Online Submission of Psychomotor Assessments
A. Kayode Adesemowo (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa) and Oluwasefunmi 'Tale Arogundade (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 24
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6697-8.ch009
Core and integral to the fourth industrial revolution, knowledge economy, and beyond is information and communication technology (ICT); more so, during and post the novel coronavirus pandemic. Yet, there exists a skills gap in ICT networking and networks engineering. Not only do students perceive ICT networking to be difficult to comprehend, lecturers and institutions grapple with the adequacy of ICT networking equipment. Real-life simulators, like the Cisco Packet Tracer, hold the promise of alternate teaching opportunities and evidenced-based environments for (higher-order) assessment. Research in the last decade on ontology for assessments have focused on taxonomy and multiple-choice questions and auto-generation and marking of assessments. This chapter extends the body of knowledge through its ontology-based model for enabling and auto-assessing performance-based and/or pseudo-psychomotor assessment. The auto-grading online submission system assists with authenticity and enables authentic and/or sustainable assessments.
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What College Students Gained Serving on Hiring Committees for Student Job Openings: From Initial Survey to Post-Graduation Transfer of Learning
“Encompasses the abilities required to undertake those activities that necessarily accompany learning throughout life in formal and informal settings. An indispensable accompaniment to lifelong learning” ( Boud, 2000 , p. 152).
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