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What is Peace Science

Handbook of Research on Promoting Peace Through Practice, Academia, and the Arts
The area of social scientific studies examining the causes of war and conditions for peace.
Published in Chapter:
Recognizing the Science of Peace to Build Positive Peace
David E.T. Prater (War Prevention Initiative, Portland State University, USA) and Patrick T. Hiller (War Prevention Initiative, Portland State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3001-5.ch002
Different academic disciplines conceive of peace through their respective lenses. Often overlooked are the theories and guiding principles of the field of peace and conflict research itself. Peace science, the discipline examining the causes of war and conditions for peace, can help bridge the gap between peace movement moralism and pragmatism toward achieving peace on multiple levels. A research-practice communication gap is discussed as a strong impediment in making peace science relevant. Communication barriers, the requirements of academic publishing and the lack of public relevance for academia are examined. Examples of often under-recognized peace research contributions are presented within the framework of the Global Peace System. In doing so, the potential and actual relevance of those research contributions to real-world peace and justice issues is emphasized. The authors recommend that peace researchers make conscious efforts to contribute to peacebuilding practices, public discourse and attempt to reach audiences beyond academia in general.
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