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What is Portrayal

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches to Orientalism in Media and Beyond
Representing somebody or something in open or implied ways. The result of portraying is also defined to be a representation, description, or portrait.
Published in Chapter:
Reflections of Orientalism and Modernism in the Film Hamam by Ferzan Özpetek
Nilüfer Pembecioğlu (Faculty of Communication, Istanbul University, Turkey) and Nebahat Akgün Çomak (Galatasaray University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7180-4.ch031
Having the visual and linguistic text of the film Hamam as the main data, the chapter discusses how the values are attributed to the images of orientalism and modernism and how these attributions affect the meaning, value, and consumption of the messages. Not only the cultural codes as Barthes mentioned were deciphered through the qualitative and descriptive methodology mainly following the discourse analysis, but also the chapter relies upon the data analysis making use of the 12T's approach inspired by Stoller and Grabe's Six-T's Approach for Content-Based Instruction. In this research, each T refers to a different perspective that controls the quality of the sample questioned and helps to establish consistency, cohesion, and coherence of the text. These T's put forward how the reflections of orientalism and modernism were scattered in the film Hamam and how Western images vs. Orientalism were put in a complementary and counteracting way helps to shape the new identities.
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