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What is Preschool

Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centered Healthcare and Social Care Services
Introductory scholar course offered to young children, from 3 to 5 years old, with the aim of preparing them through games and play activities, arts etc. to learn the school curriculum.
Published in Chapter:
Resilience and Psychomotricity in Preschool Education: A Study with Children that are Socially, Culturally, and Economically Disadvantaged
Maria de Lurdes Cró (College of Education, Polytechnic Institution of Coimbra, Portugal), Lívia Andreucci (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Ana Mafalda Pinho (University of Coimbra, Portugal), and Anabela Pereira (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3986-7.ch019
The aim of this study is to analyse the importance of resilience and psychomotricity and their impact in the learning of disadvantaged children at a preschool age that are exposed to adverse social and personal factors and to assess the efficiency of an intervention program based in psychomotricity and resilience together. A project developed in a region of Brazil (Botucatu), where a Psychological Development Activation Model was used, is presented, and also standardised and easily reproduced psychomotricity exercises and the Programme Strong Start Pre K in the area of resilience are presented. The assessment instruments used were the WebeST test for resilience, discussed in this chapter, and the operational Portage Inventory test for Psychomotricity. These results indicate that there was an evolution in resilience among children in the group that participated in this program. They improved the resilience capacity, dealing with problems, and controlling emotions. Some implications of this study are analysed, suggesting changes in the teaching/learning process as well as in testing and interventions in order to achieve success in school.
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More Results
Stemming the Opioid Crisis With Three-Year-Olds in Rural America: More Than Just Saying No!
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Enhancing Autonomy, Active Inquiry and Meaning Negotiation in Preschool Concept Mapping
an educational institution for children too young for elementary school (Ref: WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.)
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Smart Interactive Game-Based System for Preschools in Tanzania
A learning institution providing education for children of the ages between 3-6 years before commencement of primary education. Also known as kindergarten, pre-primary, or nursery school.
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Enhancing the Landscape of Early Learning Training Environments
The preschool years refer to a time before a child is old enough go to kindergarten or elementary school.
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How School Leaders Can Support Teachers With Program Implementation
School program for three- to five-year-old students before entering kindergarten; Student participation is not mandated for parents in the state of New Jersey.
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