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What is Private Key

Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, Second Edition
That key (of a user’s public-private key pair) known only to the user.
Published in Chapter:
Mobile Agent Authentication and Authorization
Sheng-Uei Guan (Brunel University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-014-1.ch126
With the increasing usage of the Internet, electronic commerce (e-commerce) has been catching on fast in a lot of business areas. As e-commerce booms, there comes a demand for a better system to manage and carry out transactions. This leads to the development of agent-based e-commerce. In this new approach, agents are employed on behalf of users to carry out various e-commerce activities. Although the tradeoff of employing mobile agents is still under debate (Milojicic, 1999), using mobile agents in e-commerce attracts much research effort, as it may improve the potential of their applications in e-commerce (Guan & Yang, 1999, 2004). One advantage of using agents is that communication cost can be reduced. Agents traveling and transferring only necessary information saves network bandwidth and reduces the chances of network congestion. Also, users can schedule their agents to travel asynchronously to the destinations and collect information or execute other applications, while they can disconnect from the network (Wong, Paciorek, & Moore, 1999). Although agent-based technology offers such advantages, the major factor holding people back from employing agents is still the security issues involved. On one hand, hosts cannot trust incoming agents belonging to unknown owners, because malicious agents may launch attacks on the hosts and other agents. On the other hand, agents may also have concerns on the reliability of hosts and will be reluctant to expose their secrets to distrustful hosts. To build bilateral trust in an e-commerce environment, the authorization and authentication schemes for mobile agents should be designed well. Authentication checks the credentials of an agent before processing an agent’s requests. If the agent is found to be suspicious, the host may decide to deny its service requests. Authorization refers to the permissions granted for the agent to access whichever resources it requested.
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Applications of Secured Blockchain Technology in the Manufacturing Industry
An instance of code, privately held, and paired with a public key to initiate text encryption algorithms. A primary key is created as part of public-key cryptography during asymmetric key encryption.
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Mobile Agent Authentication and Authorization in E-Commerce
That key (of a user’s public-private key pair) known only to the user.
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Federal Public-Key Infrastructure
In PKI, the private key is a privately known (secret) key used with a corresponding public key to encrypt and decrypt messages.
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Introduction to Quantum-Resistant Blockchain
Like a password, is a secret number that is used in cryptography. In cryptocurrencies, they are also employed to verify transactions and establish who owns a blockchain address.
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Has Bitcoin Achieved the Characteristics of Money?
Key (cryptographic system) known only to the user.
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The Intersection of Cybercrime and the Blockchain
A secret code, associated with a blockchain user’s address, needed to sign transactions, and therefore spend cryptocurrency on a blockchain.
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Security of Identity-Based Encryption Algorithms
The secret key in the public key encryption algorithms. This key is kept secret.
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