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What is Response Time

Applications of Big Data in Large- and Small-Scale Systems
The time duration between the users requesting the service and the service is actually consumed by them.
Published in Chapter:
Role of Edge Computing to Leverage IoT-Assisted AAL Ecosystem
Madhana K. (PSG College of Technology, India) and Jayashree L. S. (PSG College of Technology, India)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6673-2.ch017
The medical advancement in recent years is addressing challenges of the dependent people like senior citizens, physically challenged, and cognitively impaired individuals by providing technical aids to promote a healthier society. The radical improvement in the digital world is trying to make their life smoother by creating a smart living environment via ambient assisted living (AAL) rather than hospitalization. In this chapter, an Edge-based AAL-IoT ecosystem is introduced with the prime objective of delivering telehealthcare to elderly and telerehabilitation to disabled individuals. The proposed framework focuses on developing smart home, an intelligent atmosphere for real-time monitoring in regard to meet the needs of independent and isolated individuals. The supporting technologies to leverage the edge computing concept, to enable scalability and reliability are also studied. A case study on proposed architecture for quarantined patient monitoring remotely in the event of epidemic or pandemic diseases is presented.
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A Study of Contemporary System Performance Testing Framework
The total time taken by a user to wait in invoking a request to a particular system and coming back with a result.
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A Survey of Tasks Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Computing Systems
Total amount of time it takes to respond to a request for service.
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Merging Explicit Declarations With Implicit Response Time to Better Predict Behavior
The time our mental system needs to process information, it can be used as a measure of the time course of mental operations in the human nervous system. As a theoretical background has been continuously used and developed since late 1800. It stormed the academic world and was popularized thanks to application in such approaches as Priming or Implicit Association Test.
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Microwave Power Protectors: Attenuators and Limiters
Necessary time for limiters to detect high power incident signal and start limiting it.
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Assessing Engagement during the Online Assessment of Real-World Skills
The elapsed time between when a computer-based item is displayed and when a test taker submits an answer.
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Advanced Real Time Systems
The length of time from the release time of the job to the time instant when it completes.
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Modeling, Design, and Applications of the Gas Sensors Based on Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes
The time required by the sensing material in a sensor, to react to one step concentration, and to modify the output from zero to a certain concentration value.
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Optimal Preemptively Scheduling for Real-Time Reconfigurable Uniprocessor Embedded Systems
Amount of time it takes from when a request was submitted until the first response is produced.
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Secure Resource Optimization in Distributed Service Computing
It is the time for a service request to be satisfied. That is, this is the time it takes for a service request to be executed on the service provider’s multiple resource sites. Note that the definition is usually known as the turnaround time in a computer system. However, we have proposed a queueing network method to calculate the response time in the chapter. Thus, the definition of response time is given in the chapter from a queueing theory point of view. That is, it is the total time that a job spends in the queueing system.
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Analyzing GraphQL Performance: A Case Study
The time between the request accepted by the API until the consumer receives a response.
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