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What is Rock Material

Handbook of Research on Trends and Digital Advances in Engineering Geology
A continium or polycrystalline solid between discontinuities consisting of an aggregate of minerals or grains. Its properties are governed by the physical properties of the materials of which it is composed of and the manner in which they are bonded to each other.
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Prediction of The Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Rocks Materials
Nurcihan Ceryan (Balikesir University, Turkey) and Nuray Korkmaz Can (Istanbul University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2709-1.ch002
This study briefly will review determining UCS including direct and indirect methods including regression model soft computing techniques such as fuzzy interface system (FIS), artifical neural network (ANN) and least sqeares support vector machine (LS-SVM). These has advantages and disadvantages of these methods were discussed in term predicting UCS of rock material. In addition, the applicability and capability of non-linear regression, FIS, ANN and LS-SVM SVM models for predicting the UCS of the magnatic rocks from east Pondite, NE Turkey were examined. In these soft computing methods, porosity and P-durability secon index defined based on P-wave velocity and slake durability were used as input parameters. According to results of the study, the performanc of LS-SVM models is the best among these soft computing methods suggested in this study.
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Weathering Indices Used in Evaluation of the Weathering State of Rock Material
The component of rock mass. Rock mass implies the all volume of the in-situ rock affected by engineering technical initiative. The in-situ rock, or rock mass, is comprised of intact blocks of rock separated by discontinuities such as joints, bedding planes, folds, sheared zones and faults. Rock materials is continuum of polycrystalline solid between the discontinuities consisting of an aggregate of minerals or grains. Its physical properties are reflecting chemical, mineralogical and petrographic characteristics. The engineering behavior of rock materials depends not only on stress state and stress history but also on the physical and chemical change of the rock materials due to weathering.
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