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What is Relocation

Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Organizations
The movement of production of goods or services partly or entirety to locations abroad while importing the goods or services back home or serving the foreign market through local production rather than through exports from the home country. The term is wider than offshoring as it may embrace a situation where former production is closed down and the firms import goods from abroad without specific contracts with the foreign producers or without own production in a foreign country.
Published in Chapter:
Scales and Dynamics in Outsourcing
Iva Miranda Pires (Faculdade Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Portugal) and Torunn Kvinge (Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research, Norway)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 8
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-885-7.ch184
Outsourcing is used to describe the situation where a firm decides to subcontract assembly and/or service functions to an external supplier, either locally or abroad. When activities are subcontracted abroad, the term offshore outsourcing often applies. While offshore assembling activities have taken place for some time, the phenomenon of outsourcing services abroad is quite new. Several factors have contributed to these altered circumstances. First, the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) implies that services can, to a great degree, also be located at arm’s length or elsewhere in the flat world (Friedman, 2005). Second, institutional changes have opened access to new markets for goods and services as well as skilled labor, for instance in Eastern Europe and China. Third, the increased competition through globalization pushes firms to adapt quickly to new contexts and to achieve efficiency in order to maintain competitiveness.
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Relocation of the Rohingya Refugees to Bhasan Char: Human Rights, Government Policy, and the Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh
Relocation is the process of shifting something or someone from one location to another. It involves moving and relocating to a different destination. According to the European Commission, relocation enables the movement of individuals or refugees who already have international protection status and those who require it to a new place where they will be provided protections and rights similar to those of the initial place.
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The School Counselor's Role in Supporting Military-Connected Youth
Is a long-term assignment by which a service member and their dependents, if any, move from one military duty station to another. Also called a Permanent Change of Station or PCS.
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A Brief History of Storytelling: From Primitive Dance to Digital Narration
It means being able to refer to events belonging to a different time and place than ongoing communication.
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