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What is Sentient

Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government
Numerous modern scientific fields have now explicitly or implicitly accepted the concept of “sentience” that have been verified as “intelligence” among the infinite scales of fractal universal EM “awareness”. (Schafer, 2019) One of the most researched scientific fields is Epigenetics which is an extension of the concept that the genetic DNA model is sentient at quantum-molecular scales. In Biology of Belief , Bruce Lipton (2005) discusses the intelligent behavior of cells in the membranes of the gut and in Molecules of Emotion , Candace Pert (1997) discusses how chemical “sentience” of thought and emotion effects health and forms a dynamic information network. In another direction, research has long-since established the validity of “group sentience” with efforts to define target groups for advertising purposes, propaganda, and political advertising. “The mathematician, Rastko Vukovic, explains that the founder of information theory, Claude Shannon, defined information in association with entropy (Vukovic, 2017). Shannon’s information cannot interact with the electromagnetic environment in order to obtain Louis Pasteur’s asymmetric electromagnetic living dot first-cause obeying first order principles. Vulovic’s mathematical papers also include physics interacting with aspects of social evolution as is presented in his paper entitled Information of Perception - Freedom, Democracy and Physics (Vukovic, 2016). His research appears to be intimately associated with the further development of Plato’s ethical mathematical message previously hidden within plane geometry” (Pope, 2019, p. 4).
Published in Chapter:
Gamers as Homeopathic Media Therapy: Electromagnetic Antibodies in the Toxic Media Field
Stephen Brock Schafer (Pacific Rim Enterprises, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8884-0.ch019
Mainstream Western medical theory is based on treating the symptoms of disease—a dynamic derisively called “bandage treatment.” This medical perspective is the inverse of homeopathic theory, which aims to treat the quantum level cause of disease. Because homeopathy addresses the quantum “first cause” of disease, it establishes precedents for understanding Divine “First Cause.” Homeopathic theory and practice are based on recognizing symptomatic syndromes—a process very similar to Carl Jung's practice of inducing healing with a patient's insight as to the meaning of dream symbolism. This meaningful insight functions like the EM signature of a homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic physician augments “remediation” of phenotypes from quantum dimensions in the same way that a Jungian psychiatrist augments (amplifies) a patient's self-healing insight. The homeopathic/Jungian dynamic works something like antibodies that neutralize antigens, so—in a virtual EM unified media-field—contextual gamers can serve the function of antibodies against mediated toxicity.
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