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What is Static Analysis

Tools and Techniques for Software Development in Large Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities
This deals with the aspect of static profiling of software prior to actual testing, and the various techniques to use the same for code analytics.
Published in Chapter:
Data in DevOps and Its Importance in Code Analytics
Girish Babu (Cisco Systems Inc., Canada) and Charitra Kamalaksh Patil (MNP LLP, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1863-2.ch007
Robust DevOps plays a huge role in the health and sanity of software. The metadata generated during DevOps need to be harnessed for deriving useful insights on the health of the software. This area of work can be classified as code analytics and comprises of the following (but not limited to): 1. commit history from the source code management system (SCM); 2. the engineers that worked on the commit; 3. the reviewers on the commit; 4. the extent of build (if applicable) and test validation prior to the commit, the types of failures found in iterative processes, and the fixes done; 5. test extent of test coverage on the commit; 6. any static profiling on the code in the commit; 7. the size and complexity of the commit; 8. many more. This chapter articulates many ways the above information can be used for effective software development.
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Development and Mitigation of Android Malware
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Activity: Evaluation of the IT Audit Tests
Is the evaluation process performed without executing the program code under testing.
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Tools for E-Assessment Techniques in Education: A Review
It is examining the source code of the program without executing it. Programming style analysis, semantic errors detection, software metrics analysis, and keyword analysis are the various techniques which are used to implement it.
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