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What is Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM)

Handbook of Research on SDGs for Economic Development, Social Development, and Environmental Protection
Sustainable supply chain management involves integrating environmentally and financially viable practices into the complete supply chain lifecycle, from product design and development to material selection.
Published in Chapter:
COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts on Supply Chain Sustainability
Paulo Cesar Duarte Ferreira Jr. (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), Elaine Mara Marçal Machado (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), Marcelo Jasmim Meiriño (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), Osvaldo Luiz Gonçalves Quelhas (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), and Mirian Picinini Mexas (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5113-7.ch006
The present work aims to analyze the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic with sustainability commitments in the supply chain, providing practices and tendencies. Through literature review and application of research questionnaire to 53 respondents, it was understood that robust and reliable relationships are essential to increase the resilience and safety of the supply chain. It was concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic re-signifies the supply chain, catalyzing existing visibility, resilience, digitalization, and risk management problems. Quality management has also been impacted, requiring adaptation to ensure the quality of services and supplies and support the companies' strategic decisions. In this sense, this chapter updates the COVID-19 pandemic impacts that occurred on the supply chain management sustainability, with lessons learned for mitigation of future crises and shows the limitations like applied questionnaires regarding different industries in different countries to analyze the challenges and impressions of different sectors and cultures.
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Examining Sustainable Packaging Designs in the Automotive Industry: A Case Study of a Luxury Car Manufacturer
SSCM refers to the integration of sustainable development and supply chain management whereby sustainable development is often described as containing three dimensions – integrating environmental, social and economic issues for human development – which also affects the corporate strategy and action.
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Process Improvements in Supply Chain Operations: Multi-Firm Case Studies
SSCM may be perceived as the proper management of related environmental, social, and economic impacts in constructing and maintaining effective and efficient global supply chains. SSCM encourages governance practices at all levels of lifecycles of goods and services that reduce waste, ensure long-term maintainability and economic value of environmental and social well-being of all stakeholders’ interest in the creation and delivery of products and services. Although it is a very difficult task to bring into the decision process of the rights and needs of all interested stakeholders in the marketplace, it is to the long-term benefit of the properly managed supply chain relationships and corporate sustainability initiatives that ultimately promote broad-based sustainable development objectives for the good of people, plant, and profits (i.e., triple bottom-line).
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The Role of Green Technologies in the Transition Towards a Circular Economy
The management of material, information and capital flows as well as collaboration between businesses along the supply chain while integrating the goals of sustainable development.
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