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What is Synchronization Methods

Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impacts on Health in Tropical and Subtropical Regions
They are mathematical methods which consider some equation as a prime equation and the methods always adjust solutions for secondary equations as approximate solutions of the prime equation.
Published in Chapter:
Network Modelling on Tropical Diseases vs. Climate Change
G. Udhaya Sankar (Alagappa University, India) and C. Ganesa Moorthy (Alagappa University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2197-7.ch004
This chapter has proposed a systematic method to design mathematical models. These models have been associated with counting of white blood cells, counting of red blood cells, population of mosquitoes, and counting of foreign bodies like virus, bacteria, and parasite in a human body. Interpretations for critical points or equilibrium points have been given for network systems of differential equations associated with models. A practical method of applying these interpretations in administrating medicines to get control over diseases has been given. Order of priority in three types of critical points, namely, stable critical points, unstable critical points, and asymptotically stable critical points, has been given. Conversions of differential equations of models into integral equations and applying Picard's iteration method to solve integral equations have been explained. A step-by-step approach has been used in designing models, solving models, and interpreting solutions of models for tropical diseases.
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