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What is Tag Gardening

Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government
A sister patterning technique to Declarative Living. For example, security policies may be breached based on information that is available to be mined from a trail of Declarative Living digital breadcrumbs (Governor, 2009). The pattern of the digital “breadcrumbs” may emerge from multiple people related by location, employment, age-group, etc., or from an individual (for example, purchase patterns).
Published in Chapter:
The Danger Social Media Poses to National Sovereignty and Global Security
Duane Nickull (Independent Researcher, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8884-0.ch006
Social media networks have the capability to allow the spread of both factual information and disinformation amongst general populations at a pace unforeseen at any previous time in history. Those who are responsible for continuing to protect democratic principles can benefit from studying, understanding, and adapting to counteract this unheralded spread of data. Developing tactics and strategies to counter the antics of those who propagate disinformation to further their own causes will become necessary to protect the integrity of elections and other national and international interests. This chapter explores and reveals some of the general threats and potential counter measures to keep general populations protected from the negative effects of such campaigns.
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