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What is Visual Impairment

Developing and Monitoring Smart Environments for Intelligent Cities
In contrast to blindness, visual impairment usually means that the person has some residual sight, also referred to as low vision.
Published in Chapter:
A Smart City for the Blind: Marburg as a Case Study
Dago Schelin (Philipps University of Marburg, Germany), Péricles Varella Gomes (UniBrasil University Center, Brazil), and Verônica Isabela Quandt (Universidade Positivo, Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5062-5.ch005
In this chapter, the authors present the German city of Marburg as an alternative model for the conception of a smart city. Marburg's historical relation with its visually impaired citizens has shaped not only its infrastructure but also its human framework. Generally, smart cities are equated with world-class major metropolitan areas, with international airports, use of high band internet, internet of things, and other IT infrastructures. However, Marburg might be considered a smart city according to other criteria. This case study articulates the uniqueness of what Marburg has been able to achieve using a diverse approach of cultural acceptance of the blind, becoming a world reference for other small cities. The authors suggest that Marburg can serve as a model for other cities. This hypothesis was reached through critical investigations into concepts of smartness and disability, intersected with the insights obtained in a focus group interview.
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When Vision Is Unreliable: The Role of Play in Supporting Children
A variety of conditions that disrupt the visual system and obstruct sight in multiple ways.
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Use of Mobile Phones by Individuals with Visual Impairments
Partial or complete vision loss.
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Trends in Public Design for the Disabled: A Case Study on Public Design for Visually Impaired People
A visually impaired person is blind or has impaired vision. Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors. Blindness is frequently used to describe severe visual impairment with residual vision. Those described as having only “light perception” can see no more than the ability to tell light from dark. Low vision is defined as visual acuity of less than 6/18, but equal to or better than 3/60, or corresponding visual field loss to less than 20 degrees, in the better eye with best possible correction.
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Role of Learning Technology Strategies Among People With Disabilities: A Job Opportunities Barrier
Visual impairment is when they have the capacity to see a degree that creates difficulties which cannot be overcome by the use of spectacles, visual impairment is also known as vision loss. Some may also include those who have a significantly lower viewing ability because they do not have access to eye-glasses or contact lenses where they can’t help to improve their vision as well.
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Innovations and Use of Assistive Technologies in Libraries of Institutions of Higher Learning
It is any kind of vision loss, whether it is not seeing at all or having partial vision loss.
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Accessibility Solutions for Visually Impaired Persons: A Digital Platform Conceptualization
It is divided in distance and near presenting vision impairment. Distance vision impairment includes mild, moderate, and severe visual acuity (worse than 6/12 to 6/60) and also blindness (visual acuity worse than 3/60). In near vision impairment, visual acuity is worse than N6 or M.08 with existing correction.
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