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What is Web Server

Handbook of Research on Digital Information Technologies: Innovations, Methods, and Ethical Issues
A special type of computer that is mainly used to host a web site.
Published in Chapter:
The Modular Design of an Internet-Based Laboratory
Abdul Azad (Northern Illinois University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-970-0.ch001
This chapter presents the development of a modular Internet-based laboratory facility using cutting edge technologies along with its implementation for offering a laboratory course. The modules are developed using commercial products and are adaptable with a variety of laboratory experiments with little effort or maintenance cost. The developed facility has in-built capability to collect systems’ operational data that are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the system and assess the students learning behavior. Provision was also made to assess the level of learning while using the facility. An Internet-based laboratory facility involves real laboratory equipment being controlled remotely over the Internet that enables students to get access to laboratory equipment any time from any location, where most laboratory equipment is idle for a major part of its working life. Having these advantages, there is very little effort or interest within the academic community to implement the Internet-based laboratories for course offerings due to the complexity of operation, complicated design, extensive maintenance effort, higher implementation cost, lack of human interactions, and ethical issues. To address these problems the author has developed this modular Internet-based laboratory facility and studied its performance through a laboratory course.
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Auditing Defense against XSS Worms in Online Social Network-Based Web Applications
It is a machine used to process the client’s request and generate the response Web page for the client. It may a single machine or a group of machine works distributively.
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BDS: Browser Dependent XSS Sanitizer
It is simply a program that fulfills the request of web page coming from the web browser side. These are simply hardware or softwares that delivers the web pages to the requested party. Normally web servers are used for data storage of various enterprises, hosting web sites etc.
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The N-Dimensional Geometry and Kinaesthetic Space of the Internet
A network computer that delivers Web pages to other computers running a client browser program
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RFID Technologies and Applications
1. A computer that is designed for accepting HTTP requests from clients and serving them HTTP responses. 2. A computer program that provides the functionality described in Number 1 (Wikipedia, 2007).
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A Distributed E-Healthcare System
A computer or computer program that accepts hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) requests from clients (Web browsers), and that serves them HTTP responses along with optional data content, typically Web pages such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documents and linked objects, such as images.
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