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What is Word-of-Mouth (WOM)

Encyclopedia of Mobile Phone Behavior
Word-of-mouth is defined as oral, person-to-person communication between a communicator and a recipient who perceives the respective message as non-commercial although the subject is a brand, product, or service ( Arndt, 1967 , p.3).
Published in Chapter:
Consumer Adoption of Mobile eWOM Messages
Akinori Ono (Keio University, Japan) and Mai Kikumori (Keio University, Japan)
Copyright: © 2015 |Pages: 13
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8239-9.ch014
As mobile phones become more widely utilized, mobile-based electronic word-of-mouth (mWOM) on products and services is becoming an increasingly important factor in consumer behavior, as well as marketing communication. Regarding this issue, marketing and consumer scholars have conducted research on mWOM message-senders and recipients. Focusing on mWOM receiving behavior, this article presents academic knowledge regarding how recipients evaluate mobile eWOM messages and how they behaves as a result. Two streams can be identified in this research area: 1), mobile viral messages from marketers via friends and relatives, and 2) mWOM reviews on products and services from anonymous senders. The former can be further divided into two streams: a) research that has constructed and tested causal models explaining why consumers participate in mobile viral marketing, and b) research that has focused on illustrating comprehensively a multi-stage cognitive and behavioral customer journey towards receiving, using, and forwarding mobile viral marketing messages.
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Consumer Adoption of PC-Based/Mobile-Based Electronic Word-of-Mouth
Any positive, neutral, or negative messages sent by potential, actual, or former customers about a product, company, or users, which is made traditionally in oral form or, in a broader sense, in written form via the Internet.
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To Understand the Approach to Discount Days in Turkey: Investigation of the Response to the Change of the Black Friday Name
It is the consumers' telling their thoughts about the brand/product/service/company to the people around them.
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The Features of New Communication Channels and Digital Marketing
Recommendation of a brand, product or service through oral communication by a customer.
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Analyzing the Forwarding Behavior in Mobile Viral Marketing: An Empirical Study
Refers to oral, person-to-person communication between a recipient and a communicator which the recipient perceives as a non-commercial message, regarding a brand, product or service.
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Social Network Citizenship
Information passing from one person to another via story and experience sharing. The oral communication tradition has become written with the emergence of electronic WOM in online platforms.
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Similarities and Differences Between Word-of-Mouth and Electronic Word-of-Mouth
All informal communications person to person related to the usage or characteristics of particular goods and services, or their sellers.
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