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Providing Peer-Reviewed and Quality Publications

We take great pride in publishing quality trusted peer-reviewed content and ensuring that only properly vetted work is reaching the academic community. As a full member of the international organization, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), all IGI Global publications undergo a rigorous double-anonymized peer review process. This process is fully conducted and tracked within the IGI Global eEditorial Discovery® (EED)® online submission system, enabling us to ensure that each publication is of the highest quality. To learn more about this critical process, visit IGI Global’s Peer Review Process.
A Full Member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)COPE
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Supporting and Inspiring Innovative Research
IGI Global has had the pleasure of serving the academic community for more than 30 years, and throughout this time we have had the privilege of collaborating with and publishing the research work of more than 150,000 scholars from all over the world, many from prominent research institutions such as:
Hear What Our Authors Have to Say:
“I had an excellent working experience with IGI Global as the editor of Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development. In comparison with other publishers, I am impressed by various aspects of this publisher’s academic reviewing, editing, and production processes, especially its stringent double-anonymized peer review policy; streamlined high-quality online portal for editors, authors, and peer reviewers; as well as its knowledgeable and attentive editorial and production teams. I am very satisfied with the publication’s professional appearance and quality.”
– Prof. Peter Yang (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
“I have published with IGI Global for more than a decade. The editors have been helpful, and IGI Global managers are accessible and concerned. The publisher does not charge publication fees or require using an editor if your writing is strong.”
– Prof. Robert P. Hogan (Walden University, USA)
“Publishing with IGI Global has been very productive for me. Over the years, I’ve seen how IGI Global’s technological capabilities have come to the fore with their book publishing system, which vastly simplifies the process, particularly the uploading of manuscript contents, the double-anonymized peer review process, and the book proofing. IGI Global has given me a way to speak to the larger world about important research and work.”
– Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew (Kansas State University, USA)
“Publishing with IGI Global has been a very positive experience. We have been guided through the very complicated process swiftly and securely by simply following their concise instructions. The response to the first edition was much greater than expected, I think mainly due to the excellent marketing system of IGI Global. The ability to get the book delivered to the world is not less important than the writing of it. As authors, we are very grateful to IGI Global for all of their efforts on our behalf.”
– John Radke, BM, MBA (BioRESEARCH Associates Inc., USA), Author of the chapter “Adding Technology to Diagnostic Methods” from the best-selling publication Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology Applications in Dental Medicine
“It was quite a delight to be published with IGI Global. The process itself was simple and supportive. I know they have a huge readership across the world. I am happy that my works are part of this research family.”
Mr. Dhaval Joshi (Senior Product Manager at Tencent in Shenzhen, China), Author of the chapter “Experimental Research Approaches for Mobile UX in Emerging Markets” from the publication Research and Design Innovations for Mobile User Experience
“Publishing with IGI Global has allowed me to contribute new work across my diverse research interests... I appreciate the IGI Global mission to disrupt the scholarly publishing community with its systematic process for expert peer review and inter/transdisciplinary subject areas.”
– Dr. Robin Throne (Northcentral University, USA), Author of the publication Autoethnography and Heuristic Inquiry for Doctoral-Level Researchers: Emerging Research and Opportunities
“Having released several books and a number of other research publications with IGI Global, I am more than happy to continue this collaboration in a friendly environment created by IGI Global staff. I definitely look forward to collaborating with IGI Global in the future heartily and endorse this outstanding publisher to all my colleagues.”
“The experience with IGI Global has been positive because they are open to new ideas and offer a variety of opportunities for scientists to inform the society about current research, start discussions on emerging research trends, and provide a platform for the development of new knowledge.”
– Dr. Linda Daniela (University of Latvia, Latvia, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Smart Education and Urban Society (IJSEUS)
“Publishing with IGI Global has been an amazing experience for me for sharing my research. The strong academic production support ensures quality and timely completion. For me, IGI Global represents creative communication of quality research.”
– Dr. Margaret Niess (Oregon State University, USA)
Academic, Publishing, and Library Collaborations
Along with collaborating with our leading authors and editors, IGI Global is active within the academic community and partners with leading organizations that share in the mission to continue the dissemination of quality research. These organizations include:
Supporting Annual Conferences and Professional Meetings:
Additionally, throughout the year, our team travels around the world to various conferences and book fairs to connect with those who assist in ensuring that forward-thinking research is made available to the wider academic community. During these events, we have taken leadership roles, including serving as a Diamond Sponsor for the Annual Charleston Conference, and have had the pleasure of leading various panel sessions with industry-leading professionals and academics on the ethics of publishing and current industry trends. Conferences that we attend, include:
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Partnering with the Largest Distribution Networks
As part of its mission to effectively disseminate the quality knowledge contained within each of its publications, IGI Global facilitates the mass distribution of its content to ensure maximum discoverability and availability for every title. Through partnerships with major distributors such as Baker & Taylor, Ingram, EBSCO, Amazon, Beijing Book Company, CEPIEC-China Education Books Import & Export Co., Ltd., China International Book Trading Company, China Science and Technology Information Import and Export Corporation, China Book Import and Export (Group) Corporation and IGI Global’s Online Bookstore, each publication is offered throughout all major networks worldwide.
With all publications offered in print and electronic format, every title is also available on popular library ordering platforms including GOBI and OASIS, with access provided within minutes on the industry’s most prominent hosting platforms, such as EBSCOHost, ProQuest’s E-Book Central, and IGI Global’s award-winning InfoSci® platform.