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Conference BoothIGI Global is dedicated to disseminating knowledge resources to researchers worldwide. With this conviction, we continuously seek to connect with all individuals who collaborate in the creation and delivery of forward-thinking research. Throughout the year, our team travels around the world to various conferences and book fairs to not only expand our knowledge on current trends and innovations, but to connect with those who assist in ensuring that forward-thinking research is made available to the wider academic community. Through these events, IGI Global looks forward to connecting with industry-leading professionals, inspiring the next generation of research, and creating innovative solutions that fit researchers and librarians alike. Please find below a list of the annual conferences IGI Global attends.

To schedule a meeting with IGI Global at any of these conferences or events, please contact Additionally, for our librarian customers, we are more than happy to schedule individual meetings at your institution to discuss your library holdings and provide you with customized solutions.

ALA Midwinter Meetings and Exhibits

American Library Association As a distinguished member of the American Library Association, IGI Global participates in the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Exhibits each year. This conference brings together more than 10,000 leaders, staff members, educators, writers, publishers, and more to develop and promote library and information services, as well as improving information access.

ER&L Conference

To help improve their resources for librarians, IGI Global takes part in the annual ER&L conferences. The conference brings together electronic resource librarians and industry-leading professionals to explore trends, technologies, e-resource management, and digital services within libraries to improve the way electronic resources are collected, managed, maintained, and made accessible in an ever-changing environment.

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UKSG Annual Conference

UKSG The UKSG Annual Conference and Exhibition is hosted by UKSG, an organization based in the United Kingdom that is focused on bringing the scholarly publishing community together in an effort to foster collaboration and the exchanging of ideas within the sphere of electronic resources.

American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting

Based on IGI Global’s expansive collection of publications in their education subject area, IGI Global regularly attends the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting to collaborate with educators and administrators. AERA is a national research society that focuses on advancing knowledge about education, encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education, and promoting the use of research to improve education and serve the public good. Through this focus, IGI Global is able to assist in providing timely resources and exploring new trending topics within education.

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BookExpo America

BEA Because of IGI Global’s role as a publisher that stays abreast of the latest innovations and advancement in the publishing industry, IGI Global attends the Book Expo. The Book Expo is focused on end-to-end business solutions for the global publishing industry, centering on topics including content creation, rights trading, retail strategy, and consumer behavior.

While there, IGI Global representatives discuss the latest tools and tactics in academic publishing, as well as the IGI Global services that make research publications more readily available.

SLA Annual Conference

IGI Global consistently exhibits at the Special Library Association (SLA) Annual Conference. This conference brings together special librarians and information professionals to discuss and examine the latest challenges and trends in knowledge and information management. Hosted by Special Library Association (SLA), a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners, this conference focuses on improving the management and accessibility of electronic resources. Read about the latest conference below:

ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition

ALA In conjunction with ALA Midwinter, the American Library Association hosts the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition. This conference provides insight on the current issues and trends in library and information science and technology. With more than 500 programs and in-depth sessions, this event provides the latest information on topics including digital content, innovation, the library of the future, transformation, community engagement, leadership, and more.

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American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference

ASEE Hosted by the American Society for Engineering Education, the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition provides a space for engineers, educators, and technology education stakeholders (e.g. deans, faculty members, and industry and government representatives) to discuss ideas, enhance teaching methods and curriculum, and provide prime networking opportunities.

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Academy of Management 2018

AOM IGI Global annually attends Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting to discuss and collaborate with management and organization scholars. The international conference, hosted by AOM, provides over 2,000 sessions and activities geared towards expanding and enhancing the business landscape and their stakeholders (e.g. employees, managers, and organizations).

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Beijing International Book Fair

BIBF The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) is the largest annual international book fair in China. With more than 100 Chinese publisher participants and multiple books fairs in nearly 20 countries, BIBF is an important publishing conference that features books, newspapers, periodicals, and other relevant publications.

With major support and participation from domestic and overseas book and publishing industries, the Annual Beijing International Book Fair in China is a crucial event for IGI Global to interact with librarians and researchers. During the 2017 BIBF on August 21-22, Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, President and CEO, hosted a keynote session titled "Maintaining the Integrity of Scientific Knowledge Content" outlining the importance of how in many parts of the world, Open Access practices have been hijacked by predatory publishers and it has impacted the integrity of research and the body of knowledge. He calls to librarians, researchers, and publishers to stop this scientific contamination. View a rendition of the presentation below:

Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair The Frankfurt Book Fair is acknowledged to be the world's largest book fair, attracting a global audience of book publishing industry professionals and a total of more than a quarter of a million visitors each year. Attendees from around the world gather at the conference to gain insight into the international publishing and media industry, as well as relevant topics in printed and digital content.

Charleston Conference

As a diamond sponsor for the Charleston Conference, IGI Global attends the event each year and plays large part in the event including designing the tote bags, creating animations, and hosting sessions. The Charleston Conference brings together librarians, publishers, and vendors to improve collaboration and benefit the publishing industry as a whole. With almost 2,000 participants in the 2018 conference, the Charleston Conference continues to grow as an important event for discussions in a mutually beneficial environment.

This year, the academic publisher participated in the 2018 Charleston Conference from November 5-9. During the conference, Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, President and CEO, hosted a Neapolitan Panel Session, “Sustainable Open Access Approached: Benefits for Researchers, Librarians, and Publishers,” which featured IGI Global's Open Access Fee Waiver (Read and Publish) Initiative. The expert on the panel also discussed how to support a quality OA movement, provide researchers with an alternative source of APC funding, and ensure sustainability for publishers. View the presentation below:

In addition to attending the conference, IGI Global also awarded one librarians with a stipend for the conference as a part of IGI Global's Academic Librarian Sponsorship Program. Learn more here.

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Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting

Decision Sciences Institute The Decision Sciences Institute is a prominent scholarly association that develops and disseminates knowledge in the realm of managerial decision-making systems and people. With over 1,500 participants and continually growing, the annual meeting is an important foundation for promoting an active dialogue in the decision sciences, as well as promoting educational programs in the field.

IGI Global is proud to present their cutting-edge research publications in decision-making science and technology each year at the annual Decision Sciences Institute meeting. While there, IGI Global representatives discuss with attendees about the publisher’s latest innovative publications, including their comprehensive Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, as well as their publishing services.

Additional Events

Carolina Consortia Annual Meeting

The Carolina Consortium provides academic libraries in North Carolina and South Carolina with affordable access to a variety of electronic resources. Since 2012, the Carolina Consortium has included 190 higher learning institutions, from public universities to community colleges, and has saved libraries millions of dollars in deals.

PALCI Annual Meeting

Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium The Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI) is a collection of nearly 70 academic research libraries located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York. Members of PALCI range in sizes and types, but they all actively enjoy shared resources and collaborative collection development, making research more accessible for Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

Military Library Workshop

The Military Library Workshop is a biannual event organized by the Special Libraries Association (SLA). The workshop promotes military librarianship and training, providing a platform for stakeholders and librarians to discuss developments and technologies in making library science more efficient and effective.

For more information regarding conferences and to see additional events that IGI Global and their stakeholders will be attending, view the IGI Global Event Calendar.