Information Science Reference

Information Science Reference"The Premier Source for Academic Research"

Information Science Reference (ISR) publishes innovative reference books, encyclopedias, handbooks of research, and cases in diverse areas of academic research. Edited and authored by some the most notable experts covering fields including business and management; computer science and information technology; education; engineering; environmental, agricultural and physical sciences; government and law; library and information science; media and communications; medical, healthcare, and life sciences; security and forensics; and social sciences and humanities. Information Science Reference (ISR) titles offer high-quality research that is essential to supporting the advancement of knowledge.

ISR titles include:

  • Cross-Cultural Interaction: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
  • Crisis Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
  • Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior
  • Handbook of Research on Novel Soft Computing Intelligent Algorithms: Theory and Practical Applications
  • International Education and the Next-Generation Workforce: Competition in the Global Economy
  • Sustainability Science for Social, Economic, and Environmental Development
  • Contemporary Social Issues in East Asian Societies: Examining the Spectrum of Public and Private Spheres
  • Emerging Methods in Predictive Analytics: Risk Management and Decision-Making
  • New Media and Communication Across Religions and Cultures

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Medical Information Science Reference

Medical Information Reference"The Premier Source for Medical Research"

Medical Information Science Reference (MISR) expands knowledge on topics related to the role of innovation in the health and life science fields. Covering topics in biology, biomedical technologies, biometrics, chemistry, clinical science, ethics, healthcare administration, medical education, pharmacology, and the use of technology in medical environments, Medical Information Science Reference (MISR) titles provide a collection of research of interest to academicians, researchers, librarians, and graduate/post-graduate students specializing in fields relating to medicine, healthcare, and the life sciences.

MISR titles include:

  • User-Driven Healthcare: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
  • Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centered Healthcare and Social Care Services
  • Handbook of Research on ICTs and Management Systems for Improving Efficiency in Healthcare and Social Care
  • Telehealth Networks for Hospital Services: New Methodologies
  • Biomedical Engineering and Cognitive Neuroscience for Healthcare: Interdisciplinary Applications

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Business Science Reference

Business Science Reference "The Premier Source for Business Research"

Business Science Reference (BSR) is an authoritative scholarly publisher of emerging publications concentrating on emerging research in business management-, administration-, and organization- focused applications of accounting, finance, education, business policy, human resources, marketing, services, operations, manufacturing, enterprises and entrepreneurship. With a breadth of publications that aim to address key Business Science topics, Business Science Reference (BSR) offers a platform for innovative research shaping the advancement of modern global business

BSR titles include:

  • Supply Chain Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
  • Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization
  • Handbook of Research on Workforce Diversity in a Global Society: Technologies and Concepts
  • Global Strategies in Banking and Finance
  • Transcultural Marketing for Incremental and Radical Innovation

Engineering Science Reference

Engineering Science Reference "The Premier Source for Engineering Research"

Engineering Science Reference (ESR) disseminates comprehensive research on the way society manufactures and operates. Designed to provide a platform for researchers and professionals interested in the evolutionary progression of civil, environmental, and industrial development, Engineering Science Reference (ESR) titles address issues related to problem-solving technologies used in methodological planning, and the design of viable materials that apply to aerospace-, chemical-, civil-, electrical-, environmental-, mechanical-, and computer engineering.

ESR titles include:

  • Industrial Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
  • Handbook of Research on Solar Energy Systems and Technologies
  • Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems for Safety and Security
  • Research Developments in Wood Engineering and Technology
  • Engineering Creative Design in Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Hybrid Electric Power Train Engineering and Technology: Modeling, Control, and Simulation
  • MAX Phases and Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Extreme Environments