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IGI Global's Research Essentials line debuted in the 2013 copyright year. Research Essentials aim to pack the same high-level research our audiences have come to expect from our more comprehensive publications, only in a smaller reference format.

Publications released as Research Essentials will offer a succinct discussion on niche topics in a wide variety of subjects. Sized and priced appropriately, these concise, advanced, and timely resources will be perfect for supplementary course usage, targeted towards instructors and students, as well as the independent researcher looking for the most recent and innovative research in their field.

Areas of Interest

Research Essentials present the most cutting-edge research on niche topics within the diverse fields of information science and technology, engineering, medical technologies and administration, business and management. Areas of interest include specialized topic focus in the areas of:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Business and Organizational Research
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Data Mining and Databases
  • E-Business and E-Commerce
  • Educational Technologies
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Government
  • Electronic Services
  • Environmental Technologies and Engineering
  • Health Information Systems
  • High Performance Computing
  • Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Management
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human Resources Development and Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Resources Management
  • IT Policy and Standardization
  • IT Research and Ethics
  • IT Security and Ethics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Library Science
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Mobile and Wireless Computing
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • Public and Sector Management
  • Social Computing
  • Software and Systems Engineering
  • Web Technologies

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Research Essentials Publications:

Hierarchical Planning and Information Sharing Techniques in Supply Chain Management
Atour Taghipour (Normandy University, France)
Release Date: January 2019. Copyright © 2019. 287 pages. $185.00
Efficient supply chain management is essential for maintaining successful workflows within companies. A lack of decisional, organizational, and information integrati...
Tele-Audiology and the Optimization of Hearing Healthcare Delivery
Elaine Saunders (Blamey Saunders Hears, Australia)
Release Date: January 2019. Copyright © 2019. 274 pages. $225.00
Tele-audiology, a blanket term for digital health solutions in audiology and auditory rehabilitation, including education and training, has recently been gaining pac...
Modeling Methods for Business Information Systems Analysis and Design
Selin Erben (Beykent University, Turkey)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 267 pages. $215.00
The field of information systems analysis and design includes numerous evolving modelling methods and notations. Even with some attempts to standardize, new modellin...
Enhancing the Role of ICT in Doctoral Research Processes
Kwong Nui Sim (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 278 pages. $185.00
Information communication technologies (ICT) have long been important in supporting doctoral study. Though ICTs have been integrated into educational practices at al...
Assessing the Effectiveness of Virtual Technologies in Foreign and Second Language Instruction
Mariusz Kruk (University of Zielona Góra, Poland)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 300 pages. $175.00
Over the last few decades, the use of virtual technologies in education, including foreign/second language instruction, has developed into a substantial field of stu...
Strategic Collaborative Innovations in Organizational Systems
Mambo Mupepi (Grand Valley State University, USA), Robert Costello (Newcastle College, UK)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 272 pages. $195.00
Organizations today need to continually implement new strategies that increase the sustainability and competitiveness of a business. By sharing experiences in a coll...
Global Perspectives on Human Capital-Intensive Firms
Cécile Cézanne (Université Côte d'Azur, France), Laurence Saglietto (Université Côte d’Azur, France)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 267 pages. $185.00
A firm’s productivity has mainly been based on human capital resources, with organizational value and performance dependent on the knowledge and skills of their mana...
Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques
Sultan Ceren Öner (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), Oya H. Yüregir (Çukurova University, Turkey)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 238 pages. $205.00
In order to survive an increasingly competitive market, corporations must adopt and employ optimization techniques and big data analytics for more efficient product...
Strategic Applications of Measurement Technologies and Instrumentation
Soubantika Palchoudhury (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 223 pages. $195.00
Measurement techniques form the basis of scientific, engineering, and industrial innovations. The methods and instruments of measurement for different fields are con...
Advancing Consumer-Centric Fog Computing Architectures
Kashif Munir (University of Hafr Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 217 pages. $210.00
Due to a rapidly growing number of devices and communications, cloud computing has begun to fall behind on its ability to adequately process today’s technology. Addi...
Evaluating the Gaps and Intersections Between Marketing Education and the Marketing Profession
Margarida M. Pinheiro (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Ana Estima (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Susana Marques (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 252 pages. $190.00
Marketing has experienced unprecedented changes. Globalization, digital revolution, transparency, and growing pressure concerning the role of business in society are...
Optimizing Instructional Design Methods in Higher Education
Yianna Vovides (Georgetown University, USA), Linda Rafaela Lemus (Georgetown University, USA)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 245 pages. $175.00
Higher learning has seen an increase in web-based distance education programs, which coincides with advancements made in educational technologies. As these programs...
Private Sector Innovations and Technological Growth in the MENA Region
Maryam Ebrahimi (Azad University, Iran)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 217 pages. $195.00
Technological development is achievable only when a country has the ability to systematically design and introduce its own new technologies. In spite of the variety...
Marginalia in Modern Learning Contexts
Alan J. Reid (Coastal Carolina University, USA)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 250 pages. $175.00
Although reading can be regarded as an isolated and private endeavor, the white space in the margins of a printed book or the comments section at the end of an onlin...
Neoliberalism in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
Vipin Nadda (University of Sunderland, UK), Sahidi Bilan (University of Sunderland, UK), Muhammad Azam (University of Sunderland, UK), Dirisa Mulindwa (University of Sunderland, UK)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 241 pages. $185.00
Globalization is increasing interconnectedness and is offering immense opportunities for businesses worldwide. Although it has been taking place for hundreds of year...
Student-Centered Virtual Learning Environments in Higher Education
Marius Boboc (Cleveland State University, USA), Selma Koç (Cleveland State University, USA)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 281 pages. $165.00
Online and virtual education is continually integrated in university classrooms. While online learning provides a more cost-effective alternative for students, educa...
Modern Perspectives on Virtual Communications and Social Networking
Jyotsana Thakur (Amity University, India)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 273 pages. $175.00
With the prevalence of social media, businesses and other organizations have a growing need to utilize various online media platforms and sites to engage and interac...
Policies and Initiatives for the Internationalization of Higher Education
Fatoş Silman (Cyprus International University, Cyprus), Fahriye Altinay Aksal (Near East University, Cyprus), Zehra Altinay Gazi (Near East University, Cyprus)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 229 pages. $165.00
Today, globalization highlights the importance of cultural diversity within countries, communities, and institutions while providing a better understanding of indivi...
Conservation and Promotion of Heritage Tourism
Surabhi Srivastava (University of Kota, India)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 260 pages. $195.00
Culture and heritage tourism provide an important direction in sustainable funding and tourism. Assessing the potential of cultural and heritage assets, including ph...
Corporate Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy Reforms in the Global Economy
Amit Kashyap (Nirma University, India)
Release Date: September 2018. Copyright © 2019. 261 pages. $185.00
With the increasing interdependence of global economies, international relations are becoming a more complex system. Through this, the growth of any economy is depen...
Management Strategies in Product and Service Engineering
Pawan Sharma (Institute of Product Leadership, India), Padma Raju (Avagmah, India)
Release Date: September 2018. Copyright © 2019. 232 pages. $195.00
Products are an essential part of maintaining sustainable business organizations and providing effective service to customers. Understanding transformations in the m...
Exploring the Relationship Between Media, Libraries, and Archives
Collence Takaingenhamo Chisita (Harare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe & University of South Africa, South Africa), Alexander M. Rusero (Harare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe)
Release Date: September 2018. Copyright © 2019. 263 pages. $175.00
New forms of digitalization and digital media technologies are positively and negatively disrupting the free flow of information preservation. These new technologies...
Smart Farming Technologies for Sustainable Agricultural Development
Ramesh C. Poonia (Amity University Jaipur, India), Xiao-Zhi Gao (University of Eastern Finland, Finland), Linesh Raja (Amity University Jaipur, India), Sugam Sharma (Iowa State University, USA), Sonali Vyas (Amity University Jaipur, India)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 308 pages. $195.00
In order to meet food needs, farmers need to integrate the latest technologies enabling them to make more informed decisions. Smart Farming Technologies for Sustaina...
Impacts of Violent Conflicts on Resource Control and Sustainability
Esther Akumbo Nyam (Plateau State University, Nigeria), Asiru Hameed Tunde (Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Nigeria)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 218 pages. $185.00
This title is an IGI Global Core Reference for 2019 as globally, climatic threats are taking place in countries that have been thrown into economic recession, disint...
Environmental Awareness and the Role of Social Media
Sumit Narula (Amity University, India), Swapnil Rai (Amity University, India), Archana Sharma (ITM University Gwalior, India)
Release Date: July 2018. Copyright © 2019. 252 pages. $175.00
Social media has quickly become one of the most effective tools in reaching masses of people. As environmental issues are becoming more prevalent and frequently ackn...
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