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All book series contain peer reviewed reference books by world-renowned experts in the fields of business, education, healthcare, engineering, government, social science, and communications.

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Book Series

Series Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
24 Volumes
The impact of information technology on commerce is a dynamic and perpetually evolving field of research, most notably as electronic approaches for business transactions shift to the Internet and other telecommunication networks. Given the rapid advancements in the...
ISSN: 1935-2921, EISSN: 1935-293X
Series Editor(s): Kai Jakobs (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
24 Volumes
IT standards and standardization are a necessary part of effectively delivering IT and IT services to organizations and individuals, as well as streamlining IT processes and minimizing organizational cost. In implementing IT standards, it is necessary to take into...
ISSN: 1935-3391, EISSN: 1935-3405
Series Editor(s): In Lee (Western Illinois University, USA)
64 Volumes
Technology has played a vital role in the emergence of e-business and its applications incorporate strategies. These processes have aided in the use of electronic transactions via telecommunications networks for collaborating with business partners, buying and selling...
ISSN: 1935-2700, EISSN: 1935-2719
Series Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
139 Volumes
In recent years, the societal impact of technology has been noted as we become increasingly more connected and are presented with more digital tools and devices. With the popularity of digital devices such as cell phones and tablets, it is crucial to consider the...
ISSN: 2328-1316, EISSN: 2328-1324
Series Editor(s): David Taniar (Monash University, Australia)
88 Volumes
With the large amounts of information available to organizations in today’s digital world, there is a need for continual research surrounding emerging methods and tools for collecting, analyzing, and storing data. The Advances in Data Mining & Database Management...
ISSN: 2327-1981, EISSN: 2327-199X
Series Editor(s): Eldon Y. Li (National Chengchi University, Taiwan & California Polytechnic State University, USA)
194 Volumes
Business processes, services, and communications are important factors in the management of good customer relationship, which is the foundation of any well organized business. Technology continues to play a vital role in the organization and automation of business...
ISSN: 2327-5502, EISSN: 2327-5529
Series Editor(s): Zaigham Mahmood (University of Derby, UK & North West University, South Africa)
102 Volumes
The successful use of digital technologies (including social media and mobile technologies) to provide public services and foster economic development has become an objective for governments around the world. The development towards electronic government (or...
ISSN: 2326-9103, EISSN: 2326-9111
Series Editor(s): Madjid Tavana (La Salle University, USA)
133 Volumes
The successful development and management of information systems and business analytics is crucial to the success of an organization. New technological developments and methods for data analysis have allowed organizations to not only improve their processes and allow...
ISSN: 2327-3275, EISSN: 2327-3283
Series Editor(s): Anastasius Moumtzoglou (Hellenic Society for Quality & Safety in Healthcare and P. & A. Kyriakou Children's Hospital, Greece)
87 Volumes
The Advances in Healthcare Information Systems and Administration (AHISA) Book Series aims to provide a channel for international researchers to progress the field of study on technology and its implications on healthcare and health information systems. With the...
ISSN: 2328-1243, EISSN: 2328-126X
Series Editor(s): Manish Gupta (State University of New York, USA)
151 Volumes
As digital technologies become more pervasive in everyday life and the Internet is utilized in ever increasing ways by both private and public entities, concern over digital threats becomes more prevalent. The Advances in Information Security, Privacy, & Ethics...
ISSN: 1948-9730, EISSN: 1948-9749
Series Editor(s): Ghazi I. Alkhatib (The Hashemite University, Jordan), David C. Rine (George Mason University, USA)
52 Volumes
The Advances in Web Technologies and Engineering (AWTE) Book Series aims to provide a platform for research in the area of Information Technology (IT) concepts, tools, methodologies, and ethnography, in the contexts of global communication systems and Web engineered...
ISSN: 2328-2762, EISSN: 2328-2754
Series Editor(s): Murray E. Jennex (San Diego State University, USA)
83 Volumes
Organizations and businesses continue to utilize knowledge management practices in order to streamline processes and procedures. The emergence of web technologies has provided new methods of information usage and knowledge sharing. The Advances in Knowledge...
ISSN: 2326-7607, EISSN: 2326-7615
Series Editor(s): Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain)
56 Volumes
Private and public institutions have made great strides in the fields of mobile and distance learning in recent years, providing greater learning opportunities outside of a traditional classroom setting. While the online learning revolution has allowed for greater...
ISSN: 2327-1892, EISSN: 2327-1906
Series Editor(s): Hakikur Rahman (Presidency University, Bangladesh)
36 Volumes
The advancements of internet technologies and the creation of various social networks provide a new channel of knowledge development processes that's dependent on social networking and online communities. This emerging concept of social innovation is comprised of...
ISSN: 2328-1405, EISSN: 2328-1413
Series Editor(s): John Wang (Montclair State University, USA)
262 Volumes
Operations research and management science continue to influence business processes, administration, and management information systems, particularly in covering the application methods for decision-making processes. New case studies and applications on management...
ISSN: 2327-350X, EISSN: 2327-3518
Series Editor(s): Alfonso Ippolito (Sapienza University-Rome, Italy), Carlo Inglese (Sapienza University-Rome, Italy)
110 Volumes
The Advances in Library and Information Science (ALIS) Book Series is comprised of high quality, research-oriented publications on the continuing developments and trends affecting the public, school, and academic fields, as well as specialized libraries and librarians...
ISSN: 2326-4136, EISSN: 2326-4144
Series Editor(s): Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain)
181 Volumes
A solid foundation is essential to the development and success of any organization and can be accomplished through the effective and careful management of an organization’s human capital. Research in human resources management and organizational development is...
ISSN: 2327-3372, EISSN: 2327-3380
Series Editor(s): Ahmad Taher Azar (College of Computer & Information Sciences, Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia & Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Benha University, Benha, Egypt)
42 Volumes
The fields of biology and medicine are constantly changing as research evolves and novel engineering applications and methods of data analysis are developed. Continued research in the areas of bioinformatics and biomedical engineering is essential to continuing to...
ISSN: 2327-7033, EISSN: 2327-7041
Series Editor(s): Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain)
252 Volumes
Business entities are constantly seeking new ways through which to gain advantage over their competitors and strengthen their position within the business environment. With competition at an all-time high due to technological advancements allowing for competition on a...
ISSN: 2327-3429, EISSN: 2327-3437
Series Editor(s): Ioan Constantin Dima (University Valahia of Târgovişte, Romania)
81 Volumes
Private and public sector infrastructures begin to age, or require change in the face of developing technologies, the fields of civil and industrial engineering have become increasingly important as a method to mitigate and manage these changes. As governments and the...
ISSN: 2326-6139, EISSN: 2326-6155
Series Editor(s): Ivan Giannoccaro (University of Salento, Italy)
234 Volumes
While intelligence is traditionally a term applied to humans and human cognition, technology has progressed in such a way to allow for the development of intelligent systems able to simulate many human traits. With this new era of simulated and artificial...
ISSN: 2327-0411, EISSN: 2327-042X
Series Editor(s): Srikanta Patnaik (SOA University, India)
128 Volumes
The fields of computer engineering and electrical engineering encompass a broad range of interdisciplinary topics allowing for expansive research developments across multiple fields. Research in these areas continues to develop and become increasingly important as...
ISSN: 2327-039X, EISSN: 2327-0403
Series Editor(s): Bryan Christiansen (Southern New Hampshire University, USA), Agnieszka Piekarz (Independent Researcher, Poland)
34 Volumes
The digital revolution has allowed for greater global connectivity and has improved the way we share and present information. With this new ease of communication and access also come many new challenges and threats as cyber crime and digital perpetrators are...
ISSN: 2327-0381, EISSN: 2327-0373
Series Editor(s): Siran Mukerji (IGNOU, India), Purnendu Tripathi (IGNOU, India)
187 Volumes
With more educational institutions entering into public, higher, and professional education, the educational environment has grown increasingly competitive. With this increase in competitiveness has come the need for a greater focus on leadership within the...
ISSN: 2326-9022, EISSN: 2326-9030
Series Editor(s): Lawrence A. Tomei (Robert Morris University, USA)
517 Volumes
Education has undergone, and continues to undergo, immense changes in the way it is enacted and distributed to both child and adult learners. In modern education, the traditional classroom learning experience has evolved to include technological resources and to...
ISSN: 2326-8905, EISSN: 2326-8913
Series Editor(s): Sang-Bing (Jason) Tsai (Zhongshan Institute, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China & Wuyi University, China), Ming-Lang Tseng (Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan), Yuchi Wang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Zhongshan Institute, China)
191 Volumes
Growing awareness and an increased focus on environmental issues such as climate change, energy use, and loss of non-renewable resources have brought about a greater need for research that provides potential solutions to these problems. Research in environmental...
ISSN: 2326-9162, EISSN: 2326-9170
Series Editor(s): Robert D. Tennyson (University of Minnesota, USA)
22 Volumes
The Advances in Game-Based Learning (AGBL) Book Series aims to cover all aspects of serious games applied to any area of education. The definition and concept of education has begun to morph significantly in the past decades and game-based learning has become a...
ISSN: 2327-1825, EISSN: 2327-1833
Series Editor(s): Jared Keengwe (University of North Dakota, USA)
332 Volumes
As world economies continue to shift and change in response to global financial situations, job markets have begun to demand a more highly-skilled workforce. In many industries a college degree is the minimum requirement and further educational development is expected...
ISSN: 2327-6983, EISSN: 2327-6991
Series Editor(s): Srikanta Patnaik (SOA University, India), Priti Das (S.C.B. Medical College, India)
139 Volumes
Medical technological innovation continues to provide avenues of research for faster and safer diagnosis and treatments for patients. Practitioners must stay up to date with these latest advancements to provide the best care for nursing and clinical practices. The...
ISSN: 2327-9354, EISSN: 2327-9370
Series Editor(s): Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues (Senac Faculty of Ceará, Fortaleza-CE, Brazil; Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)
53 Volumes
Traditional forms of media communications are continuously being challenged. The emergence of user-friendly web-based applications such as social media and Web 2.0 has expanded into everyday society, providing an interactive structure to media content such as images...
ISSN: 2327-929X, EISSN: 2327-9303
Series Editor(s): Xiaoge Xu (University of Nottingham Ningbo China, China)
91 Volumes
The wireless computing industry is constantly evolving, redesigning the ways in which individuals share information. Wireless technology and telecommunication remain one of the most important technologies in business organizations. The utilization of these...
ISSN: 2327-3305, EISSN: 2327-3313
Series Editor(s): Ahmed Driouchi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco)
251 Volumes
In our changing economic and business environment, it is important to consider the financial changes occurring internationally as well as within individual organizations and business environments. Understanding these changes as well as the factors that influence them...
ISSN: 2327-5677, EISSN: 2327-5685
Series Editor(s): Nilanjan Dey (Techno India College of Technology, India)
22 Volumes
The geospatial technology field is a fast-paced, high growth industry that is involved in a variety of fields, including military planning, public health, land use, environmental protection, and Google Earth mapping. With such a diverse body of applications, the...
ISSN: 2327-5715, EISSN: 2327-5723
Series Editor(s): J. Paulo Davim (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
98 Volumes
The cross disciplinary approach of chemical and materials engineering is rapidly growing as it applies to the study of educational, scientific and industrial research activities by solving complex chemical problems using computational techniques and statistical...
ISSN: 2327-5448, EISSN: 2327-5456
Series Editor(s): Vijayan Sugumaran (Oakland University, Rochester, USA)
144 Volumes
The theory and practice of computing applications and distributed systems has emerged as one of the key areas of research driving innovations in business, engineering, and science. The fields of software engineering, systems analysis, and high performance computing...
ISSN: 2327-3453, EISSN: 2327-3461
Series Editor(s): J. Paulo Davim (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
49 Volumes
With its aid in the creation of smartphones, cars, medical imaging devices, and manufacturing tools, the mechatronics engineering field is in high demand. Mechatronics aims to combine the principles of mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering together to...
ISSN: 2328-8205, EISSN: 2328-823X
Series Editor(s): Siddhartha Bhattacharyya (RCC Institute of Information Technology, India)
31 Volumes
Acquiring and managing quality information is essential to an organization’s success and profitability. Innovation in information technology provides managers, researchers, and practitioners with the tools and techniques needed to create and adapt new policies...
ISSN: 2331-7701, EISSN: 2331-771X
Series Editor(s): Ayman Batisha (International Sustainability Institute, Egypt)
126 Volumes
In a world where traditional business practices are reconsidered and economic activity is performed in a global context, new areas of economic developments are recognized as the key enablers of wealth and income production. This knowledge of information technologies...
ISSN: 2330-3271, EISSN: 2330-328X
Series Editor(s): Jared Keengwe (University of North Dakota, USA)
115 Volumes
Early childhood and K-12 education is always evolving as new methods and tools are developed through which to shape the minds of today’s youth. Globally, educational approaches vary allowing for new discussions on the best methods to not only educate, but also measure...
ISSN: 2329-5929, EISSN: 2329-5937
Series Editor(s): Sanjay Misra (Institute for Energy Technology, Halden, Norway), Ricardo Colomo-Palacios (Østfold University College, Norway)
14 Volumes
Technology has become an integral part of organizations in every sector, contributing to the way in which large enterprises, small businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations operate. In the midst of this revolution, it is essential that these...
ISSN: 2331-768X, EISSN: 2331-7698
Series Editor(s): Abigail G. Scheg (Western Governors University, USA)
56 Volumes
The scope of language and communication is constantly changing as society evolves, new modes of communication are developed through technological advancement, and novel words enter our lexicon as the result of cultural change. Understanding how we communicate and use...
ISSN: 2372-109X, EISSN: 2372-1111
Series Editor(s): Nancy Erbe (California State University-Dominguez Hills, USA)
116 Volumes
In the era of globalization, the diversity of the world and various cultures becomes apparent as cross-cultural interactions turn into a daily occurrence for individuals in all professions. Understanding these differences is necessary in order to promote effective...
ISSN: 2475-675X, EISSN: 2475-6768
119 Volumes
Proper management of the public sphere is necessary in order to maintain order in modern society. Research developments in the field of public policy and administration can assist in uncovering the latest tools, practices, and methodologies for governing societies...
ISSN: 2475-6644, EISSN: 2475-6652
Series Editor(s): Jennifer Martin (RMIT University, Australia)
52 Volumes
The well-being of the general public should be a primary concern for any modern civilization. Ongoing research in the field of human services and public healthcare is necessary to evaluate, manage, and respond to the health and social needs of the global population....
ISSN: 2475-6571, EISSN: 2475-658X
Series Editor(s): Giuseppe Amoruso (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
76 Volumes
Throughout time, technical and artistic cultures have integrated creative expression and innovation into industrial and craft processes. Art, entertainment and the media have provided means for societal self-expression and for economic and technical growth through...
ISSN: 2475-6814, EISSN: 2475-6830
Series Editor(s): Harish C. Chandan (Argosy University, USA), Bryan Christiansen (Southern New Hampshire University, USA)
82 Volumes
The complexity of the human mind has puzzled researchers and physicians for centuries. While widely studied, the brain still remains largely misunderstood. The Advances in Psychology, Mental Health, and Behavioral Studies (APMHBS) book series presents comprehensive...
ISSN: 2475-6660, EISSN: 2475-6679
Series Editor(s): Maximiliano Korstanje (University of Palermo, Argentina)
136 Volumes
Globally, the hospitality, travel, tourism, and services industries generate a significant percentage of revenue and represent a large portion of the business world. Even in tough economic times, these industries thrive as individuals continue to spend on leisure and...
ISSN: 2475-6547, EISSN: 2475-6555
90 Volumes
Advancements in medicine have prolonged the life expectancy of individuals all over the world. Once life-threatening conditions have become significantly easier to treat and even cure in many cases. Continued research in the medical field will further improve the...
ISSN: 2475-6628, EISSN: 2475-6636
35 Volumes
Humans are living longer now than ever as a result of advances in the medical field. Having the tools available to train knowledgeable and ethical future generations of doctors and medical researchers is essential to continuing to advance our understanding of the...
ISSN: 2475-6601, EISSN: 2475-661X
Series Editor(s): Kai Jakobs (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
3 Volumes
Today, the technical, economic and regulatory importance of standards is no longer questioned. Standards allow complex technical systems to interoperate, they extend or even create markets and have been an important tool in the establishment of the European single...
ISSN: 2472-7296, EISSN: 2472-730X
Series Editor(s): Liam J. Leonard (Winchester University, UK)
21 Volumes
Criminology has never been more relevant. Violence, serial murder, crime and victimization continue to remain an unfortunate staple of society. Crime is a key issue globally, nationally, and regionally. Law enforcement personnel within the criminal justice system must...
Series Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
7 Volumes
Every day all over the world, researchers are making groundbreaking discoveries that address current challenges and solve complex problems across a variety of fields. Due to advancements in technology, changes in demographics, adjustments to societal norms, the...
Series Editor(s): Syed Abdul Rehman Khan (Xuzhou University of Technology, China)
7 Volumes
The Advances in Industrial Ecology (AIE) Book Series examines current, state-of-the-art studies in the areas of Industrial ecology and Circular economy. Industrial ecology is a rapidly growing field that systematically examines local, regional, and global materials...