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What is Americanization

Handbook of Research on New Media Applications in Public Relations and Advertising
Americanization refers to the forms of new election campaigning includes the professionalization of whole political communication.
Published in Chapter:
Political Marketing and New Media Election Campaigning: The Application of North Cyprus 2018 General Elections
Dilan Ciftci (Department of Journalism, Faculty of Communication, Near East University, Cyprus)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3201-0.ch021
This study advances the findings that political party social media adaptation and social media attention have contributed to the election campaigning in North Cyprus. The 2018 general election success could be understood by looking deeply into the social media attention of political parties and electorates. While the sample that has been chosen for this study shows different patterns in their content of the social media shares, it is true to say that this study put an emphasis on the elements of political ads through social media account. The findings show that political parties in North Cyprus have communicated through social media, especially in horse-race periods compared with the other periods.
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Global Media, Television, and the Americanization of Young Africans
In this context, it is the process whereby a person or a group of people share, imbibe and partake in American values, norms, and beliefs by assimilating into the American society.
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A History of the United States Women's Bureau 1917-1930: Economic Opportunity and Immigration
A form of acculturation in the United States during the first half of the 20 th century.
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Cultural Heritage Preservation in a Modernizing Africa: A Comparative Study of Nigeria and Cameroon
Neologism used to make reference to America’s cultural dominance in the world. The Americanization theory stipulates that cultural globalization has caused the world cultural diversity to remarkably be replaced by the American culture, making American values and ideas to be seen as standard in many parts of the world.
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