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What is Audit Trail

Handbook of Research on Telecommunications Planning and Management for Business
A chronological sequence of logs and audit records, each containing evidence of completed or attempted transactions (such as system activities, operations, events, user access requests, and services). Audit trails are used to reconstruct or investigate user actions or sequence of events that are behind an operation or a system response.
Published in Chapter:
IP Address Management: Challenges, Solutions and Future Perspectives
Faouzi Kamoun (Zayed University, UAE)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-194-0.ch034
IP network connectivity is becoming so important for business that it is being compared today to basic utilities, such as water and electricity. As key enablers of IP network connectivity, IP addresses are positioned today among the most important resources to be managed. Ready access and flawless handling of IP address usage, assignment, tracking and reallocation help in enhancing network reliability and security, while enabling more efficient network expansion and troubleshooting. Today, more than any time before, companies are realizing the need to adopt and implement a comprehensive IP Address Management (IPAM) strategy. Such a strategy, backed by automated IPAM tools, will enable organizations to address the stringent requirements imposed by new converged technologies. This chapter turns the spotlight on the most important challenges in IPAM and attempts to address some of the solutions and best practices to tackle these challenges. The author’s views on future IPAM perspectives are discussed and some open research issues are pointed out. The paper underlines the need for organizations to adopt proven IPAM best practices and deploy good automated IPAM tools. This will put them in a better position to expand and leverage their existing networks, while optimizing their IP address space in a secured and controlled fashion.
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Activity: Evaluation of the IT Audit Tests
Is an event inscription that permits forward tracing (from the source to digital encoding) as well as backward tracing (from digital encoding to the source).
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Fundamental Building Blocks for Security Interoperability in e-Business
A record of access attempts and resource usage to verify enforcement of business, data integrity, security, and access-control rules.
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