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What is Digital Publishing

Frameworks for Blockchain Standards, Tools, Testbeds, and Platforms
This concept, also called electronic or online publishing, is the distribution of a variety of online content, such as journals, magazines, newspapers, and eBooks. Through this process, any company or publisher can digitize documents and information that people can view online, download, sometimes manipulate, and even print out or share otherwise, if they choose.
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Mechanism for the Systematic Generation of Functional Tests of Smart Contracts in Digital Publication Management Systems
Nicolas Sanchez-Gomez (University of Seville, Spain), Javier Jesús Gutierrez (University of Seville, Spain), Enrique Parrilla (Lantia Publishing S.L., Spain), Julian Alberto García García (University of Seville, Spain), Maria Dolores de-Acuña (University of Seville, Spain), and Maria Jose Escalona (University of Seville, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0405-1.ch008
The application of state-of-the-art technologies in functional fields is complex and offers a significant challenge to user and expert teams as well as to technical teams. This chapter presents a mechanism that has been used in a project in the context of digital publications. Ensuring the traceability of digital publications (e-books and e-journals) is a critical aspect of the utmost importance for authors, publishers, and buyers. The SmartISBN project has used blockchain technology to define a protocol for the identification, tracking, and traceability of digital publications. As this was an innovative project that required communication between functional experts (authors, publishers, booksellers, etc.) and technical experts, it was necessary to identify protocols to facilitate communication. This chapter presents the protocol by which the functional tests have been defined and how this has favoured the validation of the project.
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Looking Beyond Now in Publishing: The Print vs. Digital Debate – What Should Be the Focus Content or Platform?
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The Role of Digital Platforms in Public Diplomacy and Netflix
It means using online technology to digitize print material and disseminate it through electronic devices. Content developers, readers, and viewers alike are moving away from traditional publishing methods and relying more often on digital publishing because of print media’s limitations. For businesses, this may be a longer publishing process, or, for readers, decreased ease of access to content or information. Compared to old-school publishing methods, digital publishing has immense benefits, such as: Attracting a Larger Audience, Fixing Mistakes Easily, Engaging Your Target Audience.
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