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What is ePortfolio

Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0, and X.0: Technologies, Business, and Social Applications
An ePortfolio is a collection of work developed across varied contexts over time. The portfolio can advance learning by providing students and/or faculty with a way to organize, archive and display pieces of work.
Published in Chapter:
Integration of Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools into Education: Lessons Learned
Phillip Olla (Madonna University, USA) and Elena Qureshi (Madonna University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-384-5.ch029
Web 2.0 is opening new capabilities for human interaction. It also broadens the way technology is used to collaborate more effectively. This chapter discusses instructional strategies and techniques used to successfully utilize Web 2.0 tools for classroom collaboration. It will also shed light on pedagogical issues that arise with the implementation of Web 2.0 into the educational setting. The chapter will present case studies describing how various Web 2.0 applications can be incorporated into a variety of courses in the areas of nursing, education, and computer information systems. Finally, recommendations for teachers and students on how to effectively use Web 2.0 tools to improve collaboration will be outlined.
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Learning to Work and Working to Learn: What We are Learning and How Technology and Assessment Can Help
A collection of digital artifacts – text, multimedia, and other forms of ideas, evidence, reflection, and feedback that can be assembled to present to one or more selected audiences to demonstrate a person’s learning and/or ability (showcase) or to demonstrate and/or collaborate on learning/working processes (workspace). Specifically, an ePortfolio also includes the application or integration or mash-up of several applications used to fulfill the multifaceted purpose.
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360-Degree View of Digital Open Badge-Driven Learning
An ePortfolio is a portfolio in a digital format. An ePortfolio describes the owner's various competences in multimodal ways. An ePortfolio is a collection of artefacts used as evidence of competences.
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Using ePortfolios to Integrate and Assess Learning across the Curriculum
A digitized collection of artifacts including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent a student's efforts, progress and achievements in one or more areas.
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Blockchain Applications in Lifelong Learning and the Role of the Semantic Blockchain
An ePortfolio holds the learning record of a learner, providing evidence of learning achievement via a collection of digital artefacts associated with learning outcomes, such as learning assignments, badges, etc.
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Precision Education: Engineering Learning, Relevancy, Mindset, and Motivation in Online Environments
A digital portfolio (one that is hosted on a website) allows the end user to upload artifacts: documents, project examples, resumés, and show evidence of skills connected to workforce competencies.
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Approaches for Addressing Student Barriers to Collaborative Learning Success
An online, secure, website that contain projects, papers, and other relevant course work for students to manage.
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Improving Assistive Technology Training in Teacher Education Programs: The Iowa Model
An electronic collection of traditional (essays, lesson plans, etc.) and multimedia (PowerPoint presentation, videos, etc.) examples of a teacher’s work.
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A Career Ecosystem Approach to Developing Student Agency Through Digital Storymaking
A digital collection of student work, representative of a record of achievements and used to support and evidence a student’s professional skills.
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Global Learning Beyond the Classroom
An electronic repository of student work put together, curated, and managed by the student.
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Showing a Human and Professional Face to the World: An ePortfolio Design Strategy for a Sense of Self
An electronic or online version of a portfolio, where a careful choice of artefacts are put together with a convincing narrative to persuade a viewer of the portfolio creator’s abilities, skills, achievements and development.
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Visibilization of Graduating Student Employability Skills via ePortfolio Practices: Evidence From East African HE Institutions
A digital collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the Web. Such electronic evidence in the academic context may include course-related work as well as other aspects of a student's life, such as volunteer experiences, employment history or extracurricular activities.
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