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What is Health Education

Handbook of Research on Advancing Health Education through Technology
A profession that encompasses health promotion and the dissemination of health information materials.
Published in Chapter:
Assessing Online Courses in Health Education: Training a 21st Century Health Workforce
Debra N. Weiss (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9494-1.ch020
Internet-based health education is being used increasingly around the world for two related purposes: 1) to train a global health workforce of nurses, physicians, health educators, and other health workers, and 2) to educate the public about disease prevention and management (e.g., in outbreaks of SARS in China and Ebola in Africa). Assessment of online health education is vital to maintain quality control and to share best practices. Online health education has been found to have significant positive effects on e-learners, comparable to those of traditional face-to-face instruction. In developing countries where there is a critical shortage of health workers, distance education is needed to train large numbers of health workers rapidly and effectively. In developed countries, online health education is a cost-effective means of providing access to 1) higher education for individuals who are employed full time and wish to pursue training in the health professions, 2) workplace continuing education for health professionals, and 3) public health campaigns that promote healthy behaviors. In this chapter we look at what is going on in the field now, and what can be done in the future to use technology to advance the mass dissemination of health education.
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Physiotherapy Education in the Digital Era: A Roadmap of Educational Technologies for Allied Health Educators
It refers to the process of educating individuals and communities about health and wellness to promote healthy behaviors and attitudes and prevent illness and injury.
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Exemplars in eHealth Education Interventions: The Case Study of Cardiovascular Health
Field of education that educates people about health, promotes health and encourage behavioral change.
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The Serious Games Applied for Health
Would be learning opportunities, with the objective of disseminating information, motivate, develop skills and sense of self-efficacy in individuals, to adopt actions that promote their health ( WHO, 1998 ). It aims to develop in people a sense of responsibility as an individual member of a family and a community, to health both individually and collectively.
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Toward Theory and Technique for Online Focus Groups
Educational and communicative strategies aimed at promoting, maintaining or restoring safe practices related to health.
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The Interplay Between Health Promotion, Health Education, and Instructional Design
The field that focuses on health behavior and the needed interventions for change and health improvement.
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The Role of Targeted E-Mail Messaging at the Worksite
“A broad and varied set of strategies to influence both individuals and their social environments, to improve health behavior, and to enhance health and quality of life” (Glanz, Rimer, & Lewis, 2002, p.10).
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An Overview of Using Electronic Games for Health Purposes
A process of delivering health-related information to help people learn to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion, maintenance, or restoration of health.
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A Systematic Review of Serious Games for Health Education: Technology, Challenges, and Future Directions
A discipline concerned with improving health knowledge, skills, and attitudes among individuals and communities. It often utilizes innovative methods, including serious games, to effectively convey health-related information.
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Role Play as an Effective Method for the Identification and Assessment of Human Trafficking
Information about or teaching in a particular specialty or topic related to healthcare.
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Design and Evaluation of Tamhattan: A Multimodal Game Promoting Awareness of Health in a Social and Positive Way
Health education comprises consciously constructed opportunities for learning designed to improve health literacy, including improving knowledge, and developing life skills, which are conducive to individual and community health.
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Health Education and Indigenous Language Media: Issues, Trends, and Perspectives
Learning about issues related to the physical, mental, social and economic outcomes of life. It is central to the wellbeing of individual.
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Bibliometric and Network Analyses of Information and Communications Technology Utilization in Health Education
A field of discipline that discusses the fundamental practices of informing people to live and choose healthy pursuits and can be contextual to the schools, community, society, and the medical and allied medical professions.
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Social Media and Health Communication: A Review of Advantages, Challenges, and Best Practices
The practice of educating people about health and wellness, including disease prevention, healthy living, and understanding health issues, increasingly through digital and social media channels.
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