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What is Secularism

Handbook of Research on Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Conflicts and Their Impact on State and Social Security
The principle of separation of the state from religious institutions.
Published in Chapter:
The Axiological and Praxeological Relationship Between Political Islam and Liberal Democracy
Goran Ilik (St. Kliment Ohridski University, Bitola, Macedonia) and Nikola Gjorshoski (St. Kliment Ohridski University, Bitola, Macedonia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8911-3.ch002
The question of the correlation between Islam, political Islam, and liberal democracy has so far been the most exposed topic in exploring the democratic capacity of political Islam and Islamic societies in general. What is particularly intriguing about the relationship between political Islam and liberal democracy is the fact of its Westernized triviality that has received a pejorative tone in Islamic political circles. The following chapter analyzes the relationship of political Islam to specific inherent categories of liberal democracy such as the rule of law, representative government, the separation of powers, and secularism as differentia specifica of liberal Western democratic discourse. This chapter argued how appropriate tangent or divergence is illustrated and how this is reflected in the general ideological positioning of political Islam towards the liberal democracy in the Muslim countries through an axiological and praxeological perspective.
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The Integration of the Media With the Power in Turkey (2002-2019): Native, National Media Conception
Secularism is the principle that no religious or non-religous belief system can seize authority or power and establish pressure and soverignty over other belief system and social/political structures.
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Formal Adoption of Wholistic Evaluation of English is Urgently Needed to Avoid Generation of Racism in the West, and Under-Development in Africa
The principle of separating religion from the state or government institutions, ensuring neutrality in matters of religion and promoting freedom of religion or belief for individuals. Secularism advocates for the autonomy of secular institutions from religious influence and supports the coexistence of diverse religious and non-religious worldviews within society.
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