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What is Smart Environment

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
The idea to build an environment with embedded sensors, displays, and computing devices so that users can better understand and control the environment.
Published in Chapter:
Short History of Social Networking and Its Far-Reaching Impact
Liguo Yu (Indiana University – South Bend, USA)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch618
This chapter describes the evolution of social networking together with its supporting technologies. Most popular social networking service providers, such as Facebook, Tencent, Twitter, and Sina Weibo are described with their market and financial data. The new business and new social relations built on social networking platforms are introduced and their impacts are discussed. The future trends of social networking are also illustrated based on the potential development of related emerging technologies. The objective of this chapter is to help readers understand the impact of technology on the functioning, evolution, and variation of socializations.
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Secure and Reliable Knowledge-Based Intrusion Detection Using Mobile Base Stations in Smart Environments
Smart environment is an assembly of sensors, actuators and many computational elements providing services for betterment of human life.
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Design and Prototyping of a Smart University Campus
Aspect of a smart city concerning the control and monitoring of environmental factors such as pollution, waste, planning of green areas, and energy.
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Unobtrusive Smart Environments for Independent Living and the role of Mixed Methods in Elderly Healthcare Delivery: The USEFIL Approach
A physical world interwoven with invisible sensors, actuators, displays, and computational elements. These computing elements are generally embedded seamlessly in everyday objects and networked to each other and beyond (the internet, usually).
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The Role of Smart City Solutions on the Road to Smart Territories: Smart Solutions to Urbanization Problems
Effective use of public natural resources means avoiding fossil fuels, reducing carbon footprint, meeting energy needs from alternative energy sources, and using clean energy in transportation to manage the environment.
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Making Location-Aware Computing Working Accurately in Smart Spaces
is a physical space which is smart in mature. The smartness of this environment is a product of interaction of different devices and computing systems.
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Smart Tourism, Smart Cities, and Smart Destinations as Knowledge Management Tools
Smart environment is a concept that emerged in the early 1990s where city residents are continuously interacting with objects and sensors seamlessly to better their lives.
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Requirements on System Design to Increase Understanding and Visibility of Cultural Heritage
An ecosystem of interacting objects, e.g. sensors, devices, appliances and embedded systems in general, that have the capability to self-organize, to provide services and manipulate/publish complex data.
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Introduction to Ambient Intelligence in Internet of Things Environments and Cyber-Physical Systems
Is a concept of the physical world that is richly and invisibly interwoven with sensors, actuators, displays, and computational elements, embedded seamlessly in the everyday objects of our lives, and connected through a continuous network.
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