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What is Smartness

Ambient Urbanities as the Intersection Between the IoT and the IoP in Smart Cities
Smartness refers to more aware, adaptive, and responsive infrastructures (technical, human, and social), and services taking people into consideration and the broader ecosystem.
Published in Chapter:
Smart Information Architectures: Ambient Data and Smarter Governance
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7882-6.ch006
The purpose of this chapter is to explore smartness in cities in relation to smart information architectures, with an approach that takes people into consideration, in understanding big and small data. This work seeks to shed light on the importance of data in urban environments and the purposeful leveraging of real-time analytics for interactions in the city in support of smarter governance. The research literature for information architectures, smart governance, and ambient data is explored in this chapter in the context of smart and responsive cities, enabling identification of issues, controversies, and problems. Using an exploratory case study approach, solutions and recommendations are advanced. This chapter makes a contribution to the research literature for ambient data, smart information architectures, and smarter governance; the evolving of urban theory for 21st century cities; and smart city urbanities through formulation of a framework for smart information architectures as an adaptive data management framework.
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Sensing Cities and Getting Smarter: Awareness and the Internet of Things and People
Smartness pertains to the awareness of people, technologies, and any combination of people interacting with each other and/or technologies, or technologies interacting with each other and/or with people.
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A New Concept in Tourism: Smart Tourism Destinations
Smartness refers to smart use of resources, smart and effective management, and a network that enables participative and interactive management. Both the approach to governance and the use of technologies play key roles in smartness.
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