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What is Facilitation

Handbook of Research on Adult and Community Health Education: Tools, Trends, and Methodologies
Make comprehensible, interpret, clarify, state plainly, make easily understood, help explain, help implement learning.
Published in Chapter:
A Personal Perspective and Learning Experience on Living a Long, Healthy Life
John A. Henschke (Lindenwood University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6260-5.ch020
This chapter provides various materials and described events the author has personally found helpful in threading together elements of adult and community health education and learning that have contributed to his vibrant health and length of life thus far at age 82. His understanding was that these writers cited did not focus on health. Rather, the author used the materials for helping him develop and maintain a long, healthy life. Many Bible passages are included because the author views them as the Word of God, which has helped him learn to live long and healthily. His beliefs, attitudes, values, and stages of life are all central to his perspective on health. Although he provides his personal story about learning to live long and healthy, he suggests that each reader consider developing and applying her/his own view of learning to live long and healthy.
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Using Collaborative Technology in Group Facilitation
Structured activity or sets of activities that support someone (i.e., a group) in reaching an objective (perform a task or socializing). Facilitation involves removing barriers that could exist for effective and efficient group work, and acting upon changing circumstances (e.g., changes in group objectives and dynamics).
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A Critical Review of Reflectivity, Andragogy, and Confucianism
A major instructional principle in adult education as opposed to K-12 education based on the characteristics of adult learners.
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Adoption of Broadband Services: The Role of National Policies
The objective of facilitation is to ensure a good environment at the market for broadband services. One example could be establishment of industry for a development of common visions and standards.
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Innovative Management of Community Territories and Inter-Organizational Communication for Regional Development
A non-formal educational and democratic process that engages pertinent stakeholders within an area of regional interest to assist them in a collective decision-making for collaborative regional development.
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A Critical Analysis of Multi-Logical Synergies
The skill and ability of an academic to work with a student towards further integration and formation of professional development based on experience and theory. This would often involve reflection.
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Facilitation of Web-Based Courses Designed for Adult Learners
A teaching style that is student centered. Encourages self-directed learning. Instructor is not a content transmitter, but rather a coach and partner in student learning
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This concept goes back to humanist psychology and particularly to Rogers. Starting off from the supposition that all human beings by reason of their psychological structure are apt to develop their potential, learning is intended as a process of facilitation oriented towards an offering of support to the abilities of self-management and self-development that individuals naturally possess.
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Strategies for Engaging Students in the Online Environment
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Facilitation of Technology-Supported Communities of Practice
Activities carried out to help groups achieve its own outcomes
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Incorporating Technology in a Cooperative Learning Environment
A student-centered instructional approach where instructors guide students to learn for themselves rather than direct instruction where knowledge is imparted.
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