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What is User Satisfaction

Handbook of Research on Telecommunications Planning and Management for Business
This is an exponential ponderation coefficient of the operator gross profit. It takes into account the user being frustrated if his throughput is too low.
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How to Plan for an Upgrading Investment in a Data Network?
Frédéric Morlot (Orange Labs, France) and Salah Eddine Elayoubi (Orange Labs, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-194-0.ch025
We illustrate how a mobile data network operator can plan an upgrading investment to anticipate explosions of the demand, taking into account the expected profit and the customer satisfaction. The former parameter grows with the demand, whereas the latter sinks if the demand is too high, as throughput may collapse. As the equipment price decreases with time, it may be interesting to wait rather than to invest immediately. We then propose and discuss two methods that help in making the decision. The first one is an actualization algorithm, where the upgrade should be performed when the loss of profit, derived analytically, exceeds the expected discount. The second is a real option-like strategy to hedge against the risk that the investment has to be anticipated. The evaluation of the investment date is then performed, in the latter, by a backward dynamic programming approach, using recent improvements based on least-squares estimations, whereas, in the former, a forward actualizing algorithm is investigated through simulations.
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Improving User Satisfaction in VO through Systems Usability
Essentially, there are two types of definition for the “customer (user) satisfaction” concept, based on different approaches. The process-oriented approach considers consumer satisfaction as the difference between expected satisfaction and achieved satisfaction, whereas the outcome-oriented approach regards satisfaction as an attribute extracted from a product or service after its consumption.
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Usability of CAPTCHA in Online Communities and Its Link to User Satisfaction
The attitude of a user to the CAPTCHA Scheme adopted by the website.
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Shared Networks in Technology Education
The degree to which the objectives of systems or the organizational unit utilizing the systems are achieved.
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Impact of Management Automation on the Processing of Business Information
Feelings of like or dislike which a user has when interacting with an information system, towards the benefits that the system generates. These feelings depend on whether or not the system meets the aspirations of the user.
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A Model for Usability in E-Commerce Services: Theoretical Concept and Empirical Evidence
User satisfaction refers to the user's comfort and acceptability of a computer application during the consumption of the content and the interaction with the system.
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Download Delay, Tolerable Wait Time, and Online Learning
The overall affective evaluation by an end-user of their experience with a computer or information system; generally measured with a Likert scale.
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Impact of B2B E-Commerce and Supply Chain Investments in Hospitals
The extent to which users consider the system meets their information requirements and needs.
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Enhancing Entrepreneurship: The Greek National Electronic Public Procurement System – Internal Customer Opinions
End-user’s overall affective and cognitive evaluation of the pleasurable level of consumption-related fulfillment experienced with IS.
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Positioning Library and Information Services for User Satisfaction through ICT Policy Formulation in Nigeria
This is the utility received by an information seeker from the services rendered by the library and information center at an affordable cost and convenient time.
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