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What is Project Method

Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Organizations
A specific approach to making sense of project work of and to structuring activities with the intention of achieving stakeholder expectations.
Published in Chapter:
Management of Distributed Project Teams in Networks
Paul C. van Fenema (Netherlands Defense Academy, The Netherlands), Ilan Oshri (Erasmus University, The Netherlands), and Julia Kotlarsky (University of Warwick, UK)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 7
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-885-7.ch114
Today’s global economy depends on intra- and interorganizational distributed teams consisting of diversely specialized professionals for creating value in networks (DeSanctis & Fulk, 1999; Gerwin & Ferris, 2004), relying on accessible information and communication technologies (ICT) and infrastructures (Sobol & Apte, 1995). Distributed project teams represent a common organizational form for developing, connecting, and deploying diverse sources of expertise (Kotlarsky & Oshri, 2005). Resources in newly developed economies such as China and India are connected with those in developed countries in industries like software development, car manufacturing, electronics, transportation, pharmaceutical research, and business services. Noncommercial examples of distributed projects include education (Cramton, 2001), disaster response, global disease control, and (regional) policy development.
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Cognitive Aspects of Foreign Language Professional Discourse Teaching While Realizing Projects
One of the modern methods of teaching in which the students’ point of view is given importance in designing the curricula and content of studies. This method is based on the philosophy of Pragmatism and the principle of ‘Learning by doing’. In this strategy students perform constructive activities in natural condition.
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Learning Through Projects: Comonalities Among the Project Method, Project Based Instruction and the Project Approach
Instruction centered on a project that reinforces previously developed subject area competencies and results in a tangible object. The project may be embedded into the curriculum or assigned as a summary experience.
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