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What is White Supremacy

Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society
A notion of superiority that engenders systemic racial injustice – espoused by individuals who identify as white.
Published in Chapter:
Forgiveness in the Face of Hate
Nadine V. Wedderburn (SUNY Empire State College, USA) and Robert E. Carey (SUNY Empire State College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1955-3.ch016
The June 2015 killing of nine African-Americans by a white male shooter in Charleston, South Carolina re-ignited intense discussions around the relationship of race, justice, and faith in the U.S. Within two days of the massacre, members of the victims' families were shown openly offering forgiveness to the accused killer and praying God's mercy on his soul. This seemingly quick offer of clemency raises penetrating questions concerning the value and purpose of the act of forgiveness, arguably an act of pure grace. This chapter shows that forgiveness, as a complex Christian practice, casts an extraordinary light on structures of identity and the politics of privilege in the U.S. In doing so, forgiveness exposes the myth of a “post-racial America” and reveals the deeply-rooted and longstanding systems of racial oppression and discrimination in American society. Structured around key guiding questions, the chapter provides a way to think through the meaning of forgiveness towards developing an approach to dismantling structures of exclusion that are the hallmark of a racial world view.
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Afrocentric Thought in Adult Education
belief, attitudes and behaviors that demonstrate white people are superior to all of racial groups.
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Overcoming Systemic Racism in Health Professions Advising
Power structure that seeks to normalize the placement of individuals of European ancestry being above all others.
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Persuasive Propaganda: An Investigation of Online Deceptive Tactics of Islamist, White, and Zionist Extremists
A racist belief held by some white people stemming from the notion that whites are genetically superior to other races, and that other communities are taking away the rights of white people.
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Situating Social Identity through Language Convergence in Online Groups
Broadly generalized, the term “white supremacy” can refer to a number of ideologies. The term itself is often used as a blanket label to identify individuals with perceived prejudiced or racial bias toward minorities.
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The History of Incarceration of African Americans/Blacks in the United States
The ideological belief in the inherent superiority of people categorized as White and the inherent inferiority of racial, ethnic groups categorized as nonwhite.
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Whose Side Are We On?: A Call for Critical Solidarity With Participants in Education Research
The ideology that whiteness is tantamount to normalcy, correctness, and goodness. White supremacists are all races, but share their love of whiteness and their belief that whiteness is the outward sign of the best of humanity. White supremacy is a conservative value and is the original sin of the United States. It is the cause of colonialism, slavery, segregation, Apartheid, the Holocaust, and the murders of Black people in the streets by police, even if the shooter is not White.
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Enacting a Raciolinguistic Perspective for the “New Mainstream” in Literacy Classrooms
The historical, pervasive, and insidious belief—either consciously or unconsciously—that white ideas, practices, and people are superior to those of all other racialized peoples.
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Navigating Inequitable (Mis)Treatment and Racist Harassment in Higher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Self-Decentered Autoethnographic Case
Attributing values to different people or people groups based on their race and concluding with a sense of the inherent superiority of whites to people of color.
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Beyond Critical Race Theory: Infusing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Into the K-16 Curriculum
The belief that white people are superior to people of other races and should therefore dominate them
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Bottom-Up Violence Work: Exploring the Case of Armed Racial Justice Counter-Protest
A system of oppression and privilege that secures disproportionate access to social, political, economic, and cultural resources for those racialized as white. A person, policy, group, or institution need not declare explicit racist intent to contribute to the white supremacist system.
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